Omron AVEVA™ Edge HMI SCADA Software

Omron AVEVA™ Edge HMI SCADA Software
The new Omron AVEVA™ Edge system is a combination of AVEVA™ Edge supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) with Omron's powerful Compolet middleware package. This solution enables the highest level of integration of AVEVA™ Edge SCADA with Omron's complete line of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and machine automation controllers (MACs). Omron AVEVA™ Edge is available in development + runtime, development-only and runtime-only packages. Tags/variables are available from 150 to unlimited tag/variable counts. Over 240 drivers are available for interfacing to a wide range of field devices and controllers. The Omron NY Series industrial computers are the perfect host for Omron Aveva Edge.

Omron AVEVA™ Edge Features

  • Includes Omron driver set for CS/CJ, NJ/NX controllers
  • Full Windows-based runtime or development, with tag/point count packages.
  • Compact HMI for Windows CE operating systems
  • Platform-agnostic integrated development environment and HTML5- based Studio Mobile Access clients for remote viewing and control
  • Over 240 drivers for multi device integration capability

Omron AVEVA™ Edge Benefits

  • Enables the highest level of integration of Aveva Edge SCADA with Omron PLCs and MACs
  • Works seamlessly with the Omron NY Series IPC
  • Interfaces to a wide range of field devices and controllers

Download Omron AVEVA™ Edge HMI SCADA Software Brochure

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