Virtual Engineer

Virtual Engineer is a new tool where users can easily enter application specifications (ex. speed, load, external forces) and quickly navigate to accurately sized product options. 

Features include: Product life estimation, “Compare” function for multiple products (including price), CAD model availability, and a “My Projects” area, allowing engineers to create, save, and share projects to revisit at a later time.

After completing specifications, Virtual Engineer will clearly display the differences between the most suitable products, and this information can be submitted to Valin for a price quote. 

With the ability to connect directly with Valin’s motion control experts, Virtual Engineer takes collaboration to a whole new level, and by doing so, helps to increase efficiency of your own valuable engineering resources. 

Three easy steps to get a boost:
  1. Put in your data!
  2. Compare Products!
  3. Share with us!

And you are well on your way to designing your system!

Here are a few tips…
  • Agree to License Agreement
  • Can use without signing in
    • Need to create an account to save and share projects
  • Share with us at
    • You will have the support of our full team
    • You can also share it with one of our individual engineers if you want to work with somebody in particular