Leak Detection

Commercial Leak Detection

TTK Liquid Leak Detection systems are designed for use in commercial applications. They specialize in water, acid and oil (fuel) leak detection.

Typical Applications
TTK Liquid Leak Detection Systems
  • Data center and mission critical environments
  • Critical technical areas (battery rooms, UPS)
  • Generators
  • Public and commercial buildings
  • Laboratories
  • Semiconductor plants and cleanrooms

Learn more about the TTK Liquid Leak Detection product offering here.

Industrial Leak Detection

Naftosense’s liquid leak detection offers hydrocarbon (oil) leak detection for industrial applications. Their hydrocarbon leak cable is designed specifically for heavy outdoor industrial applications. 

Naftosense Liquid Leak Detection
Typical Applications


  • Refineries
  • Power plants
  • Pipelines

Learn more about the Naftosense product offering here.

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