Heater/ Pump Skid

Heater Pump Skid
Applicable Industry or Industries:  Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical Processing.

Purpose of the Skid:  Certain processes require a maintained temperature.  This could be to prevent fall-out or crystallization or separation.  In large tanks, local heaters are not sufficient because the density or specific heat of the process lends itself to stratification.  In such instances, the heater must be combined with a process pump, thus creating a kidney loop.

Benefit of Using this Skid: Heater/pump skids are able to maintain a constant temperature throughout the storage tank, preventing freezing, fallout, or stratification.  Integrated filters ensure process purity and the valves are tied into a system PLC with full SCADA communications, providing a fully automated solution. 

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Valin’s Value Statement: Valin’s engineered solutions team will custom design and fabricate a skid that is unique to your application.  

Valin provides true, turn-key skid solutions by integrating the following best-in-class services: 
  • Over 100 years of process heating experience
  • Industry-leading pumps
  • Automation products
  • Full design engineering, sales, and manufacturing expertise

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