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Submitted by Cory Calderon || Valin Corporation
Hydrogen Production: Back to Basics

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 was signed on August 16, 2022, and included financial incentives that were intended to drive more investment and deployment of clean hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Submitted by Ray Marquiss, Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Bridging the Gap from IIoT Promise to IIoT Reality

Although new tools and technologies are available to make tapping into industrial IoT more manageable, one must ensure expectations are accurate.

Submitted by Steve Molinari || Valin Corporation
The Evolution of Differential Pressure Flowmeter Technology

There are many different differential pressure flowmeter designs to achieve long-term dependable, accurate flow measurement.

Submitted by Ray Marquiss, Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Machine Builders Need Replacement Parts Too

Discover why replacement parts are crucial for machine builders in this insightful article. Learn how ensuring access to quality parts enhances efficiency and reduces downtime.

Submitted by Ray Marquiss, Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Melsec IQ-R Series Automation Controller

Avoid the allure of one-size-fits-all solutions and consider standardization, support and future-proofing for programmable logic controllers.

Submitted by Sri Gavini || Valin Corporation
Digital Feature: Guiding a Chopper Valve Application

A large refinery in California (U.S.) was conducting a turnaround and utilized an outside engineering firm to oversee the process. During this phase, the engineering firm discovered the refinery needed new emergency safety shut-off valves (chopper valves) as part of their regeneration process.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Deciphering the Puzzle of PLCs, PACs, PC-based Controllers and Motion Controllers

There is plenty of discussion in the industry regarding the pros and cons surrounding programmable logic controllers (PLCs) vs. programmable automation controllers (PACs) vs. PC-based controllers.

Submitted by Rusty Walton || Valin Corporation
Manifolds: Finding a Solution Before the Problem Strikes

In the semiconductor industry, keeping equipment in top shape is a chief priority. To ensure that every batch of wafers coming out of the process meets the meticulous industry standards for quality, every component in the process must be regularly maintained.

Submitted by Jason Gaines || Valin Corporation
The UL 508A Certification: Why It Is Important

The certification exists for a reason — to ensure that the control panels being built meet the very highest safety standards available.

Submitted by Ray Marquiss || Valin Corporation

A little knowledge goes a long way — knowing and understanding the advantages and limits of encoders and limit switches can ensure the best possible motion system design.

Submitted by Ashley Raimondi || Valin Corporation
Selecting a Regulator: Application is Critical

Selecting a regulator is not a simple process. There are many application-specific elements to consider and critical ramifications associated with each decision.

Submitted by Dave Molinari || Valin Corporation
Rainwater Diversion Strategies

Rainwater can collect oils, contaminants, and chemicals as it touches the ground. Fortunately, technology exists to treat the initial rainwater, and it has been utilized in certain parts of the country for some time. However, as more people become aware of this functionality, its applications are gaining popularity all across the country.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Sensors in Condition Monitoring: Making Optimal Decisions

The key to making the proper decisions on condition monitoring is to understand what kind of information is required, how often that information is needed and what kind of budget is in play.

Submitted by Jon Irvine || Valin Corporation
Heating a Tank for an Industrial Process

Taking a systematic approach to specifying a tank heater can help ensure the equipment specified delivers the heating performance desired. Factors to consider include the amount of energy needed, heat loss, direct or indirect heating, materials of construction, and controls.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Condition Monitoring

The concepts of “preventive maintenance” and “condition monitoring” are not always characterized in a way that is entirely accurate. They sometimes seem to be treated as a “one-size-fits-all” service that many operators believe they need. However, these concepts can mean very different things depending on the application.

Submitted by James Walker || Valin Corporation
Understanding the Environment is Critical to Specifying Conveyors

Understanding the environment the conveyor is earmarked for is the most critical piece of the puzzle. Oversights on this part of the specification process can cause delays and corrections that lead to significant costs that could otherwise be avoided.

Submitted by James Walker || Valin Corporation
Considerations for Selecting Conveyors

Selecting a conveyor for an automation project is certainly not a “one-size-fits-all” scenario. Automation applications are incredibly diverse, and the options and features available on conveyors reflect that.

Submitted by Peter Jessee || Valin Corporation
Isolation Valves

Industrial process plants are complex facilities with thousands of components that play a role in the operation of the plant. Not all these components hold the same consequences if they are improperly selected or if they fail to perform their designed function.

Submitted by Jon Monsen Ph.D., PE || Valin Corporation
Simple Excel Worksheet Predicts Control Valve Aerodynamic Noise

Recently an article was published that presented an easily constructed Excel sheet that estimates hydrodynamic noise in control valves1. A number of people have asked me if there is something similar for aerodynamic noise. 

Submitted by Norm Hall || Valin Corporation
Hilco Oil Reclamation System

Investing in oil reclamation technology can help reduce the costs associated with oil usage. Learn more in the article below.

Submitted by Jon Irvine || Valin Corporation
How to Choose the Proper Process Controller

There are many types of options to sift through, and keying in on the ones that benefit your process the most will guide you to the most appropriate controller.

Submitted by Jon Monsen, Ph.D., PE || Valin Corporation
Gas Compressibility Factor and Control Valve Sizing

A veteran of valve sizing with more than 40 years of experience provides his perspective on how to calculate the compressibility factor of a real gas for control valve sizing purposes.

Submitted by Ray Marquiss || Valin Corporation
Industry Terminology Should Evolve with the Technology

As technology continues to evolve, some terms meant to represent one thing have come to mean something a bit different. A technology that once had restrictions can evolve to the point where, not only is that restriction gone, but the name of the technology doesn’t even necessarily apply anymore.

Submitted by Kair Turubayev || Valin Corporation

With an understanding of the economic implications of VFDs running until failure, it is also important to be aware of the safety implications of such a feature.

Submitted by Jon Monsen || Valin Corporation
Excel-Worksheet Predicts Control Valve Hydrodynamic Noise

Most control valve manufacturers include IEC 60534-8-4:2015 in their control valve sizing and selection software to predict control valve hydrodynamic noise. However, users who want to make quick noise predictions or who want to construct valve sizing applications, programming the above noise standard can be a daunting task. 

Submitted by Jon Irvine || Valin Corporation
Advantages of Leak Detection Technology in Power Plants

The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that one is present. An operations team cannot adequately put a sufficient maintenance plan in place if there is no awareness that maintenance is required.

Submitted by Jon Monsen || Valin Corporation

If one wants to be able to do accurate hand calculations, or construct a simple program or Excel sheet, the method described here gives answers that agree exactly with iterative calculations using the equations in the current version of the ISA and IEC standards.

Submitted by Kari Kohonen || Valin Corporation
 Does Strainer Technology Make Sense for Your Process?

The key to developing the ideal filtration mix which achieves the desired results is to gather as much information as possible so that the right decisions about filtration can be made. Kari Kohonen from Valin Corporation examines whether introducing strainer technology can be advantageous.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Cybersecurity: Understanding IT Needs from the OT Perspective

Current data on cyber ransom is alarming. Most companies do not report their attacks because they do not want it to be advertised. This article discusses ways that IT and OT personnel can work together to make your company more secure.

Submitted by Peter Jessee || Valin Corp.
Emergency Isolation Valves — Needs and Requirements

EIVs are a critical safety device for fuel-burning equipment and industrial processes that use flammable ingredients. Proper selection is critical for the safety of the workers in the plant, plant equipment and the surrounding communities.

Submitted by Jon Monsen || Valin Corporation
Using Control Valve Installed Gain Calculations

The availability of an easily constructed Excel worksheet that calculates and graphs control valve installed gain in conjunction with the user’s preferred control valve sizing application has prompted a new interest in the application of these calculations. Three examples are shown here.

Submitted by Sri Gavini || Valin Corporation
Improving Yield through Upgraded Pneumatic Manifolds

It is on the top of every decision maker’s mind in the semiconductor industry: yield. Operators are continually doing what they can to improve their throughput and maximize yield in terms of wafer production, all with keeping an eye on increasing profitability. 

Submitted by Nathan Ehresman || Valin Corporation
Watlow power controller

For any process where temperature needs to be monitored or controlled, a thermal loop is required. Typically, a process that contains a thermal loop includes some key elements: the process itself, the temperature sensor or transmitter, the temperature controller and the power controller. 

Submitted by Peter Jessee and Dave Fahlgren || Valin Corporation
Fluid Handling: Pick The Proper Positioner

Positioner selection deserves due diligence — and consideration of several factors before making any firm decision. There’s certainly not a typical one-size-fits-all approach for positioners; an uninformed choice can lead to undesirable consequences.

Submitted by Greg Neneman || Valin Corporation
Marking Filtration as a Top Priority for Peaker Plants

For a power plant to run as efficiently as possible, proper filtration is a critical part of the equation.

Submitted by Peter Jessee || Valin Corporation
Specifying Trip Valves is Critical for LNG Service

Appropriately specifying trip valves in the world of natural gas liquification is a critical element. Failing to do so effectively can risk the lives of operators and maintenance personnel working in close proximity to the equipment, and can sometimes cause irreparable damage to expensive turbomachinery.

Submitted by Rich Wilbur || Valin Corporation
Inventory Management Services

By taking advantage of Valin’s program, customers can be confident that their inventory management function is fully optimized.  They can rest assured that the right parts will be in the right place right when they need them, while keeping the peace of mind that their transactional costs are being lowered and the KPI’s are being adequately analyzed.

Submitted by Corey Foster and Peter Jessee || Valin Corporation
Actuator Options for Process Automation

The process industries have control valves with actuators designed to open, close and control them.  Many people prefer pneumatic actuators given their long history, reliability and high performance.

Submitted by Peter Jessee and Rick Ferdon
Control Valve Technology. How Do I Choose?

Application requirements are paramount, but don't overspend when a less expensive option will do.

Submitted by Ryan Kraus || Valin Corporation
Watlow Circulation Heaters

In this article, featured in Process Heating Magazine, Ryan Kraus discusses the various criteria to consider when selecting a circulation heater.

Submitted by Raymond Antalek, Inventek Engineering
Life Sciences Control Cabinet

For the past 30 years, Inventek has utilized the expertise from the engineers at Valin to better understand and master the technology it needs to best serve its customer base.

Submitted by Jon Monsen || Valin Corporation
Calculating the Installed Flow and Gain of a Control Valve

A simple process method based on the principle that piping pressure losses are approximately proportional to flow squared is presented.

Averting a Gen-set Disaster

A fuel leak in any part of a generator set can potentially be a catastrophe for the operator. But the issue can be tackled.

Submitted by Peter Jessee || Valin Corporation
Looking beyond globe control valves

While globe control valves are still a viable solution, modern rotary control valves offer many advantages and serve as a more suitable solution in certain process applications.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Remote Access

As long as products have had ethernet ports, people have been asking for remote access to them. They believed they could just plug the devices into the internet, and it would all work. As more software tools became available and internet speeds increased, capable users found ways to give themselves access, however, there was a catch.

Submitted by Norman Hall || Valin Corporation
Understanding the Feedstock with Valin

The only way to achieve a specified purity levels is to select and install proper filtration, with the job intended and the task fully understood. Norman Hall, Filtration Business Unit Manager for Valin Corporation, suggests a correct approach.

Steam vs. Electric Heating — The Basics

Most facilities in the chemical process industries (CPI) require some form of heat. The amount of heat required and the necessary level of consistency can vary from process to process. Regardless of the details, engineers must decide on a heating source that works best for a particular process.

Submitted by Peter Jessee || Valin Corporation
Control Valve Sizing

Most people who are familiar with control valves have seen the formula for calculating the valve capacity (Cv) required to pass a given flow rate of water. This seems fairly straightforward until you ask yourself, what is the correct value of differential pressure to use?

Submitted by Randy Mulvaney || Valin Corporation
Silicon-Controlled Rectifier Power Controls: Worth the Investment

In terms of what matters to most in the field today, it is safe to assume that reliability, flexibility, accuracy and cost are at the top of the list. With these factors in mind, implementing a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) control system for an electric heater is often an optimal approach.

Submitted by Fred Gridley || Valin
Control Panel Enclosure

Maintaining a consistent internal environment for your enclosures is critical for equipment to function properly. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has defined standards for specific enclosures designed for the application and environment when correctly installed. Learn more.

Submitted by Jon Cloy || Valin Corporation
Electric Process Heaters

Reducing the amount of hydrocarbon leakage from compressor stations is not only imperative for the environment, but for your bottom line. Compressor-related emissions can be reduced by using electric heaters to heat the pressurized natural gas.

Sensor Strategies to Optimize Automated Processes

Strategic implementation of sensors helps maximize a process from the start and equips operators with enough information to constantly be aware of everything happening in a line. So, what type of sensor(s) will work best for your environment?

Submitted by Tom Trinh & Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
mbConnect Remote Access for Original Equipment Manufacturer's

Looking for ways to support your systems more easily, more safely, and more quickly for your customers?  Perhaps you are wondering what remote access technology is for industrial control systems.

Submitted by Greg Neneman || Valin Corporation
Instrumentation Fittings for Power Plants

A lot must be reviewed prior to selecting the right fitting for power plant instrumentation applications. Among the choices are whether to use single- or double-ferrule designs; heat codes, lubrication, and corrosion resistance must also be considered.

Submitted by Jon Irvine || Valin Corporation
Process Piping and Heat: Solutions to Consider

There are several different processes that require a product to flow through a pipe from one piece of equipment to another. A certain level of heat is often required for this process piping, and this heat must be at very high levels for many applications.

Submitted by Tim Tritch || Valin Corporation
Developing a Corporate Filtration Strategy

Proper filtration is essential to process flow operation. Improper or lack of filtration can wreak havoc on components, reducing their life and changing the final product. This can lead to equipment failure, process upsets, increased quality issues and in some cases, unplanned shutdown. Learn more.

Submitted by Patrick Bartell || Valin Corporation
Electric Process Heater Systems for Catalytic Regeneration

Achieving effective catalyst regeneration requires a process that produces a very high level of heat in a very efficient manner. Over the years, there have been several different approaches to create this required heat. Traditional steam and heated transfer media have limitations. Learn more.

Submitted by Dr. Jon F. Monsen and Dr. Hans D. Baumann
Stop Cavitation from Destroying Your Control Valve Trims

The devastating effects cavitation can have on control valve internals is widely appreciated. In this article, the authors therefore explain the origins of cavitation, provide an easyto-use method to estimate cavitation sound levels and conclude with approaches to reduce or even avoid cavitation.

Submitted by Frank Schollmeier || Valin Corporation
Magnetic Filtration

In many machines as much as 90% of all particles suspended in the oil can be iron or steel and can be particularly troublesome to operators. This article looks at the advantages and benefits of magnetic filtration and how it can often outperform traditional methods.

Submitted by Jay Van Horn || Valin Corporation
Installation Practices Key to Successful Heat Tracing

Laying out an effective heat tracing design requires careful attention to detail. Every aspect of the system must be meticulously considered, including both the temperature requirements of the fluids being protected as well as the physical characteristics of the equipment being heat traced.

Submitted by Ray Marquiss || Valin Corporation
IAI Table Top Robot

Automation of product testing with IAI hardware and EtherNet/IP communication successfully eliminates monotonous manual labor and human error.

Submitted by Greg Neneman || Valin Corporation
Instrumentation Fittings

In the world of instrumentation, there are a number of different topics discussed and analyzed.  However, one that should not be overlooked is that of instrumentation fittings. Do you know what technologies are available? Do you know the strengths and /weaknesses? Are there any new trends?

Submitted by Ray Marquiss || Valin Corporation
Pulse Control Basics for Motion Control

For automating machines that require only two to three axes of electric actuators, pulse outputs may be the simplest way to go.

Submitted by Nathan Ehresman || Valin Corporation

An operator in a fluid handling process is only as effective as his ability to work with a given controller. If there are factors that keep this individual from doing what is necessary for a smooth operation, adjustments need to be made.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Automating a Manual Process

When manufacturing engineers are tasked with automating a process that is currently done manually, their main question for an automation supplier is "Have you ever automated this specific process before?" In complex applications, the answer is typically "no." Learn more.

Submitted by Daniel Seeger || Industrial Distribution Magazine
Joe Nettemeyer

In Joe Nettemeyer's long and productive career, he has had a front row seat to a significant amount of change, and he’s learned how to help others embrace transition. Nettemeyer spoke to Industrial Distribution Magazine about guiding everyone—even the skeptics—through major business shifts.

Submitted by Nathan Ehresman || Valin
Industrial Heaters: Reducing Premature Failure

Premature heater failures can lead to unexpected process downtime. Tactics such as testing, planned replacement programs and preventing moisture ingress can help prevent premature heater failures.

Submitted by Tim Tritch || Valin Corporation
High Flow Cartridges

For many years, the industry has been guided to a liquid filter cartridge with an outside diameter (OD) measuring 2.5" or so with an inside diameter (ID) measuring 1", and a length that varied from 5" to 40". Of course, there are always a few exceptions. Learn more.

Submitted by John Brokaw || Valin Corporation

Closed-loop stepper motors may be the best choice for tasks typically done by servos because traditional steppers couldn’t handle them.

Submitted by Patrick Bartell || Valin Corporation

A plant operator’s biggest fear is an unplanned shutdown. The process can place a heavy amount of stress on both operations and maintenance personnel. Alternatively, taking full advantage of a planned shutdown or turnaround is critical.

Submitted by Patrick Bartell || Valin Corporation
Ammonia Vaporization

Developing a strong preventative maintenance plan for plant shutdowns and turnarounds is the best way for operators to minimize the risk of equipment failure, which can lead to unnecessary shutdowns and ultimately, higher costs.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Look To Data To Boost Reliability

Predicting your plant's future depends on collecting and analyzing the correct type and amount of equipment and process data. Predictive maintenance (PdM), much like “IIoT,” “Industry 4.0,” and “Plug ‘n’ Play,” may be exciting concepts, but many plants still aren’t leveraging them fully. Learn more.

Submitted by Kari Kohonen || Valin Corporation

Specifying control valves and engineering a system in which the flow of a particular product is completely optimized for superior performance and yield can be a challenging process. A number of factors must be considered during this practice to avoid process-destroying problems. Learn more.

Submitted by Jon Monsen, Ph.D., P.E., Valin Corporation
Liquid Flashing in a Control Valve Without Choked Flow

Many engineers may wonder if it is possible to have flashing liquid flow in a control valve even if flow is not choked. The short answer is yes, but it is not very common. This article provides a more detailed answer to this question.

Submitted by Ron Jett || Valin Corporation
Confirm Best Practices for Compressed Air in Refineries

Within a refinery, four main utilities are considered essential to operations: electricity, natural gas, water and compressed air.

Submitted by Nathan Ehresman || Valin Corporation
Before Winter Strikes, Check the Heat Trace

With the cold months on the precipice, November is a great time to review the actions that plant managers and operators should take to better ensure a winter free from incident.

Submitted by Brian Sullivan, Frank Schollmeier, Tim Tritch || Valin Corporation
Improving the Cleanliness of a Cleanroom

Depending on the industry and specific environment, different rooms will have different cleanroom classification requirements. There is information out there regarding how classifications are tested and determined, but not as much about how to improve a specific room's classification ranking.

Submitted by Jon Monsen, Ph.D., P.E., Valin Corporation
Why Equal Percentage Valves Act Linear

I was recently asked how the installed flow characteristic of an equal percentage valve in a system that includes a significant amount of pipe or other pressure-consuming elements “magically” becomes a linear, or approximately linear, installed flow characteristic.

Submitted by Brian Sullivan || Valin Corporation
UHP Mini Diaphragm Gauge

Fabs and OEMs in the semiconductor industry face a number of difficult challenges today, specifically in the etch and deposition/thin film processes. These incredibly specialized processes require extremely clean gases and vaporized chemical sources.

Submitted by Patrick Hyland || Valin Corporation
Nitrogen Generation in the Metal Industry

In the past, bulk storage systems have been used to house nitrogen on-site at the manufacturing plants, but this method of storage can result in a significant loss in revenue. So, what is the solution for plant owners? The answer begins with in-house nitrogen generation systems. Learn more.

Submitted by John Brokaw and Kent Martins || Valin Corp.

Engineers building linear-motion systems can use ground-up DIY approaches or purchase complete turnkey solutions. Here we explain where each tactic is most profitable.

Submitted by Patlite
 REVOLITE LA6 Multi-Informational Signal Towers

Patlite innovation continues with improved functionality to drive productivity, improve efficiencies, and reduce waste. One of their basic themes is to help you make continuous improvements in your process. With that in mind, Patlite introduced the REVOLITE LA6 multi-informational signal tower.

Submitted by iPolymer
iPolymer High Purity PTFE Pressure Regulator

The iPolymer PTFE Pressure Regulator is designed for use with high purity water systems and aggressive chemical applications to regulate and maintain a constant pressure downstream of the valve and prevent over-pressurization of sensitive equipment.

Submitted by Nathan Ehresman || Valin Corporation
Nathan Ehresman || Valin Corporation

Thermocouples and controllers themselves do not prevent a failure from occurring. What they can do is create a temperature profile for a heater that can be used as a maintenance log.

Submitted by Bill Nevills || Valin Corporation
Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Control

In the last ten years, the design of pneumatic manufacturers' online tools for sizing components have evolved, the fieldbus systems are ever-changing, component designs are constantly improving, and network devices such as the Industrial Internet of Things have reshaped the industry. Learn more.

Submitted by Jon Monsen, Ph.D., P.E., Valin Corporation

Liquid choked flow in control valves results in either flashing, or more often, cavitation.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Robotics or Motion Control? 10 Questions to Help Decide

Robotics and motion control are closely related in many ways, but robots lean towards a "pre-engineered" solution while motion control leans towards a modular solution. Before deciding to install a robot or motion control component, these are ten questions to ask yourself.

Submitted by Brian Sullivan

In the chemical processing industry, a significant percentage of measurement devices are not correctly matched to their application. This leads to decreased quality and consistency in their operation.

Submitted by Jim Slama || Valin Corporation
Controlling Compressor Vibration and Surge

Controlling vibration and surge is one of the most critical aspects of keeping centrifugal and reciprocating compressors up and running. If improperly monitored and maintained, these types of compressors can experience frequent functional issues and ultimately shorten their life span.

Submitted by Ray Marquiss || Valin Corporation

Robotics can be narrowed down to five types: Cartesian, Cylindrical, SCARA, 6-Axis and Delta. Each has specific elements (speed, size, workspace) making them ideal for certain applications. Knowledge of each type can help machine designers choose the best robot for their process. Learn more.

Submitted by Parker
Parker Fulflo® EcoBond Filter Cartridges

Parker’s Fulflo® EcoBond™ Cartridges are the most economical high purity filter cartridges available. Featuring a graded density matrix of uniform polypropylene fibers, the EcoBond™ provides consistent filtration for a wide variety of fluids. 

Submitted by Jon Monsen || Valin Corporation

Valve sizing and proper application of control valves have always gone hand-in-hand. However, the tools available to valve users have changed and improved significantly over time.

Submitted by Dan Colletto || Valin Corporation
the future of servo technology in Harsh Environements

The latest developments in servo technology allow for the benefits of high-performance motion control to be used in harsh environments.

Submitted by John Brokaw || Valin Corporation
Don't Just Shelve It: Care for Spares

We think of routine care and maintenance of a system to stave off failures as standard practice, but what about preventive maintenance of the replacement parts used when the system does fail?

Submitted by Chris Sullivan || Valin Corporation

Despite the demand for standardized communication protocols among manufacturers, both the manufacturers and end users face challenges when it comes to agreeing on a path.

Submitted by Chris Sullivan || Valin Corporation

Proper filtration is one of the most important functions performed inside refineries. Filtration is the removal of contaminants through some type of synthetic, paper, pleated or wound media. The goal of this process is to achieve a specific level of cleanliness.

Submitted by Brian Lu || Valin Corporation
Aluminum Framing Work Stations

Using lean principles in manufacturing is an important element when trying to reduce waste, control costs and ensure timely deliveries to customers. However, this concept of trimming back unnecessary work and reaping the production benefits can also be applied at an individual level in production lines or assembly rooms.

Submitted by Bill Nevills || Valin Corporation

Electromechanical drives continue to capture more factory automation projects, but pneumatics technology still offers distinct advantages in many fields.

Submitted by Tim Tritch || Valin Corporation
Mott Metal Filter

Semiconductors are the basis of most electronic circuits and exist in virtually all electronic devices. The manufacturing of these integrated circuits, also referred to as chips, is a multi-step process involving an intricate design system. Learn more

Submitted by Jeremy Miller || Parker Hannifin
Parker Hannifin multi-axis gantry system

Employing flexible automation technology now is vital for companies to sustain growth, keep a diverse range of products flowing through their lines, and minimize downtime with product changeovers. Advances in industrial technology and the evolution of automation has been unprecedented. Learn more.

Submitted by Nathan Ehresman || Valin Corporation
Coal-Fired Power Plants

In today's coal-fired power generation plant, one element of critical preventative maintenance is keeping everything at a temperature that will prevent instrumentation from freezing. Learn more about the successful application of heat trace solutions in coal-fired power generation plants.

Submitted by Kevin Goodsell || Valin Corporation
The ABCs of VFDs

Inside of plants today, AC motors are becoming the industry standard. Many plants are shifting to AC motors from hydraulic motors or DC motors when powering heavy loads, which were more popular in the past. This shift can be attributed to a variety of reasons and most have to do with cost.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Motion Control vs. Robotics

For automation applications, one of the larger misconceptions in the industry today is that when someone uses the phrase "motion control," they can just as easily use the term "robotics," as if the two are interchangeable. Read more.

Submitted by Ray Herrera || Valin Corporation
Pipe and Valve Selection

When selecting the pipes and valves for a cooling system, it is important to understand the options available—and the possible outcomes associated with each selection. Many factors can impact the effectiveness, longevity and quality of the overall cooling system. Learn more.

Submitted by Anne Vranicic || Valin Corporation

Valin Corporation’s Vice President of Marketing, Anne Vrancic, recently did a Q&A with ID to discuss Valin’s journey from the planning phase, through the launch and how the site is being received now that it’s been up and running for 8 months.

Submitted by Corey Foster & Ray Marquiss || Valin Corporation
Software Innovations In Connectivity, Coding & Ease of Use

Process automation is most used when talking about computer technology paired with software engineered to help industrial plants or factories operate more efficiently and safely. Before process automation, individuals would have to physically monitor the components and outputs of a plant or factory.

Submitted by Kate Kunkel || Valve Magazine
Relevance in a Digital Age

The distribution model of the past 50 years is changing. Joseph Nettemeyer, president and CEO of Valin Corporation, says that means distributors must find ways to add more value to solutions offered to customers. It also means they must become digital experts in communication.

Submitted by Frank Schollmeier || Valin Corporation
Single-Use Bioprocessing Trends

Upstream bioprocessing, within the last 10 years, has been converted to a single-use disposable product rather than a housing that would be need to be regularly cleaned. The issue with single-use bioprocessing is that most systems will have a bottleneck at the chromatography column.

Submitted by Tim Tritch
Separation Process

Liquid to liquid separation, at the very basic level, is a process where water is removed from a hydrocarbon. Over the last decade, there have been three prominent machines or mechanisms that can perform a liquid to liquid separation. Learn more.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Future of the Digital Plant

Now more than ever the industrial plant model has become heavily reliant upon the connectivity possibilities between equipment and the automation that it can provide. The future digital plant will connect machines to work faster, more efficiently and in collaboration with one another. Learn more.

Submitted by Bill Nevills

Contemplating an actuator for your pneumatic linear-motion system? Here are some tips on how to select the best one for the job.

Submitted by Brian Sullivan

Valin’s aluminum framing systems are being used in cleanroom environments to overcome many of the disadvantages associated with traditional painted steel shelving systems.

An extensive range of Panel Builder products feature time-saving, Push-In Plus terminals and reduced mounting depth and volume to fit smaller control panels.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation

A specialized version of the Internet of Things (IoT), referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), enables industrial application engineers to implement new or retrofitted systems with upgraded levels of connectivity that allow more advanced process control. Learn more.

Submitted by Casey Sullivan
Coal-Fired Power Plants Best Practices: Filtration and Lube

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, coal power accounted for 39 percent of the country’s electricity production last year.

Submitted by Sue Czeropski, CPT, Ph.D.
Effecting Change Through Scenario-Based Learning

Creating meaningful and long-lasting change within an organization can always be challenging. Often, employees can become complacent in the way they operate on a day-to-day basis.

Submitted by Brian Sullivan & Chad Lieber
Fully Rinsed? Spectroscopy Provides Answers

In order to avoid unnecessary shutdowns and the high costs associated with them, manufacturing systems need to be flushed at regular intervals. The practice is a high-value maintenance practice that is required throughout the industrial world.

Submitted by Russell Rochambeau

Join two dissimilar metals, add a little water, and you have set up a circuit that can lead to some serious corrosion. Understanding terminology like electrolysis and galvanic reaction can help you identify and avoid problems that can occur anywhere—not just in hydraulic systems.

Submitted by Ryan Whittaker
Heat Trace Cables Embedded in Concrete Pads

In applications requiring heated concrete to prevent snow or ice accumulation, the ideal solution is mineral insulated heat trace cables embedded in concrete.

Submitted by Joseph Nettemeyer
Innovation’s Golden Opportunity

In a society with an “excess of everything,” a manufacturing or distribution business needs to be able to provide unique and clearly defined value propositions in order to gain that crucial market share.

Submitted by Brian Sullivan
Seeking Precise Pharma Process Control

Spectroscopy-based measurement on manufacturing lines yields greater process control

Submitted by Cory Calderon

Inside power generation plants, there is a need to eliminate the dangerous oil mist produced by lubrication systems. Wherever there is significant metal on metal contact, there should be some form of lubrication system installed that will increase the lifespan of the machinery.

Submitted by Cory Calderon
Dry Resin Ion-Exchange Cartridges

Dry Resin Ion-Exchange Cartridges have become the international choice for reducing Total Acid Number (TAN) in lubricating, hydraulic and insulating oil systems.

Submitted by Ray Herrera || Valin Corporation
Retrofitting Customized Valves

Oil and gas engineers face a problem in accurately and reliably measuring and monitoring the various fluids that are introduced into oil pipelines from well site pumping stations. A thorough understanding of both the oil separation process and the properties of valves and actuators is required.

United Electric Controls has introduced a unique new family of HART capable transmitters that provides programmable switching functionality for industrial process monitoring applications. The One Series 1XTXSW transmitter line is the first to integrate HART 7 compatible 4-20 mA output. Lean more.

Submitted by Russell Rochambeau, Valin Corp.

Making smart design decisions, particularly in relation to the suction line, can avoid potentially severe cavitation-induced damage to hydraulic pumps.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Precision Automation Meets Advanced Product Demand

As electronics and technologies become smaller and more intricate, engineers are running into new challenges in automating manufacturing processes. The challenges of manufacturing new products extend beyond the capabilities of precise motion control mechanics to include environmental control.

Submitted by Omron

Omron has been providing automation solutions for more than 80 years. Their washdown rated products and extreme washdown products in the IP69k protection class help you deliver safer solutions to your customers.

Workplace Safety Still Needs a Human Component

Workplace safety is—or should be—a primary focus of every organization, regardless of whether we’re talking about a classroom, an office, a manufacturing facility, or an oil rig. Employees deserve a workspace that is as safe and secure as it can possibly be.

Submitted by Advantech
ProView Thumb

Advantech ProView Ethernet Switch is a SCADA manageable switches which are the convergence switches for process control and IT networking management.

Submitted by Ryan Whittaker || Valin Corporation
Heat Trace Cables: Avoid Ice Buildup on Commercial Roofs

In environments with persistent cold weather, ice buildup on flat commercial roofs is both a safety hazard and a costly liability for many businesses. There are three main roof drainage systems used by commercial facilities: drainage, scupper and traditional pitch and gutter drainage. Learn more.

Submitted by Parker
Parker's mSR linear motor positioner

Meet Parker's new mSR (miniature square rail) linear motor positioner. The mSR integrates dual square rails for guidance, with one of two different linear motor technologies, and up to six different encoder technologies.

Submitted by Ray Herrera, Valin ||
Valve-Selection Best Practices

Precise combinations of valves and other equipment lead to process success. A biopolymer fermentation process provides an example of proper valve selection.

Submitted by Mark Muro and Scott Andes
Robots Seem to Be Improving Productivity, Not Costing Jobs

Nearly 30 years ago, in 1987, the Nobel-winning economist Robert Solow surveyed the impact of IT on the economy and concluded that “you can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.”

Submitted by PJM Editor

Trying to size and space the electrical components before the mechanics are defined can lead to wasted time and rework.

Submitted by Kevin Smay, Valin Corporation // Plant Engineering

Plant engineers often fail to incorporate correct lubrication into system processes and do not realize its critical importance until something goes wrong.

Submitted by Jon Monsen Ph.D., PE // Flow Control Network Magazine
Part IV: Keys to Effective Valve Sizing & Selection

This is Part IV in a four-part series based on the contents of the new textbook, “Control Valve Application Technology, Techniques and Considerations for Properly Selecting the Right Control Valve.”

Submitted by Russ Rochambeau, Valin Corporation

Cavitation is the 2nd leading cause of a pump system failure. It’s for this reason that a full understanding of what cavitation is, how it is caused and how it can be prevented is critical in the fluid power industry.

Submitted by Jon Monsen Ph.D., PE // Flow Control Network Magazine
Part III: A Guide to Installed Gain | Control Valve Sizing

In order to get good control with stability throughout the full range of required flow rates, one must use a control valve that has an installed flow characteristic that is linear, or at least as close to linear as possible in most systems.

Submitted by Chad Lieber | Prozess Technologie and Brian Sullivan | Valin

In a world where most information is available in an instant, plant managers and engineers are continuously trying to find ways to improve the efficiency of processes along the manufacturing line.

Submitted by Jamie Zachary | PROCESSWest
Multi-Megawatt Electric Heating System Solutions | PROCESSWest

Tasked with increased demand for high power output, many operators in North American sectors such as power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical have been challenged by low-voltage solutions and their associated logistical challenges.

Submitted by Patrick Bartell and Nathan Ehresman
Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

When addressing the needs of measurement operations involving various densities and amounts of liquid, Coriolis mass flowmeters are often chosen for their accuracy, durability and reduced maintenance costs. Applications involving custody transfer benefit from their simple and dependable characteristics.

Submitted by by Jon Monsen, Ph.D., P.E.
Control Valve Application Technology Book

Purchase Valin’s Control Valve Application Technology book today to learn how to apply the right techniques to selecting the correct control valves.

Submitted by Jon Monsen Ph.D., PE // Flow Control Network Magazine
Part II: A Guide to Control Valves and Process Variability

This is Part II in a four-part series based on the contents of the new textbook, “Control Valve Application Technology, Techniques and Considerations for Properly Selecting the Right Control Valve.”

Submitted by John Brokaw, Sr. Application Engineer at Valin for Control Engineering Magazine

Advice follows on using proportional-integral-derivative (PID) tuning for motion control and robotics. High-end robotics with high dynamics and reasonably high accuracy of movement almost always require the use of these control algorithms for operation.

Submitted by Jon Monsen Ph.D., PE // Flow Control Network Magazine
Part I: A Guide to Control Valves and Process Variability

This article discusses the importance of selecting the correct flow characteristic and correctly sizing the valve in order for the valve to properly control the process.

Submitted by Jon Irvine
Best Practices in CONTROL

Considering the number of variables, gaining precise control of a process heating application can be a difficult task. In industries with a high demand for consistent quality, controlling the temperature of a substance from the start to the finish of a process is an absolute necessity. Learn more.

Submitted by IAI

IAI's new IXP Series Robots cost around 1/2 of that of a conventional model due to the adoption of the pulse motors. The IXP achieves a payload equivalent to that of a conventional model by adopting high-output drivers. All IXP models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders.

Submitted by Erick Slack || Wholesale & Distribution Magazine

In its earliest days, Valin focused on fluid handling and developing products used in the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment and microchips. Over time, the company expanded its capabilities based on market and economic conditions.

Submitted by Jon Monsen Ph.D., PE
5 Key Valve Sizing Points to Remember

It’s important to understand the importance of proper control valve sizing. If the valve is too small, it won’t be able to pass the required flow. In actual practice, undersized valves are fairly uncommon, but oversized valves are all too common.

Submitted by Prozess Technologie

The Reveal™ optical spectroscopy-based measurement system will help customers increase quality, yield, and productivity while reducing both risk and downtime in the manufacturing environment. Its measurement capabilities are unmatched by legacy techniques.

Submitted by IAI

With air cylinders, a compressor is operated with electricity to generate compressed air, and generated air is supplied though a line to the air cylinder where it is then converted to linear-motion force. This mechanism is subject to significant energy loss.

Submitted by WIKA Instrument Guru
How Gauges Can Help Prevent Costly Loss of Containment

Loss of containment is one of the costliest things that can go wrong at a plant. Accordingly, smart enterprises employ a variety of measures that ensure loss of containment just doesn’t happen – or when it does, the adverse circumstances are kept to a minimum.

Submitted by Metso Engineering Team

The noise abatement laws and health and safety legislation are becoming increasingly strict. Metso introduces Q2- Trim, the optimum solution for noise problems, that at the same time fulfills all legislative requirements and customer needs.

Submitted by Patricia Stockdill | Bakken Breakout
Regulations Ok'd to Reduce Crude Volatility

Emergency order required all rail shippers to test products from the Bakken to ensure proper classifications of the oil within federal regulations before it's transported. The intent was to ensure shippers properly classified crude oil for transportation and to quantify the range of physical and chemical properties.

Submitted by Patrick Bartell
Retrofitted Precision Automated Measurement Equipment Provides Financial & Operational Benefits

The accurate allocation measurement of oil, water and gas is a constant priority for managers of surface operations, particularly with the recent oil boom in parts of the U.S. These measurements are the basis of the financial transaction between oil companies and royalty owners.

Submitted by Chris Carpenter, JPT Technology Editor
Custody-Transfer Configurator Tool

Valin introduced its new lease ­automatic-custody-transfer (LACT) configurator tool. This new software-application tool assists customers in LACT specification, quotes, component data, and reference documentation.

Submitted by Ric Leyva for Design News Magazine
Electric Actuators

As the automation and motion control needs of industries using control and drive functions continue to progress, the technology that meets those needs must adapt to the growing demand for connectivity, accessibility, and efficiency, all while maintaining a high level of quality and durability.

Submitted by Devon Hyatt

When developing a practical approach to leakage and pollution prevention, plant managers have many options available for instrumentation and equipment. Depending on the process, materials, and operation, the method of ensuring the containment of potential contaminants will vary. Learn more.

Submitted by PennEnergy Editorial Staff
The Intricacies of Control Valve Selection

Jon F. Monsen, Ph.D., P.E., a control valve technology specialist for Valin Corporation, has written a book detailing the many facets of control valves. The book, Control Valve Application Technology, Techniques and considerations for properly selecting the right control valve. Learn more.

Submitted by Ernie Reichenbach | Flow Control Magazine
Allocation Measurement Systems: Enabling optimum accuracy in well extraction processes

The recent oil boom in the United States, driven by rapidly advancing extraction technologies, presents new and critical challenges to operators in the measurement of oil, water and gas produced in surface operations.

Submitted by Frank Schollmeier, Featured in Processing Magazine

A primary goal of many a plant manager is maintaining continuous and cost-effective operation of a plant’s turbine engines. When considering this goal, it is important for plant managers to be aware of recent advances in filter designs for turbine air intakes.

Submitted by Jon Newton, featured in Product Design & Development Magazine

Proper treatment of boiler systems when they are off line is a constant concern for those managing and overseeing the operations of a power plant. Many power plants are known in the industry as peaker plants, meaning they are not running constantly.

Submitted by James Walker || Valin Corporation
Understanding the Environment is Critical to Specifying Conveyors

Understanding the environment the conveyor is earmarked for is the most critical piece of the puzzle. Oversights on this part of the specification process can cause delays and corrections that lead to significant costs that could otherwise be avoided.

Submitted by John Brokaw, Featured in Plant Engineering Magazine

When using a servo motor, one should consider torque, speed, and other applications for a specific motion control application.

Submitted by Buildings Smarter Facility Management

The Snofree Roof Panel System protects against ice formations and resulting water damage. The material, shape, and mass of its extruded aluminum core and steel enclosure maximizes the transfer of heat and minimizes energy usage.

Submitted by Nick Benedick for New Technology Magazine

Valin is in the final stages of successfully commissioning 65 Lease Automatic Custody Transfer systems (LACT) for a very large project with one of the largest independent midstream energy companies in North America. The LACT systems were needed for an oil gathering project in the Myrmidon field in the Bakken Shale play in North Dakota.

Submitted by Corey Foster for Pipeline and Gas Journal
Human-Machine Interfaces Can Benefit Oil and Gas Industry

Standard practices today simply use human machine interfaces (HMI) as windows into a system by allowing some information to be passed back and forth through those windows. This method anticipates the user having the knowledge to use that information both in and out of the system. Learn more.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation

The future of the petrochemical refining industry will be driven by human-machine interfaces (HMIs) pushing information to where it is needed. An HMI that pushes production, quality and alarm information to the right level of user or management anywhere in the world has the ability to increase the visibility and reaction time.

Submitted by Anne Vazquez | Facility Executive Magazine

Valin Corporation has introduced the   from Heat Trace Specialists, which is designed to protect facilities against ice formations and the resulting water damage. This product is part of the company’s heat trace technology solutions for commercial and residential markets.

Submitted by Jon Irvine, Featured in Magazine

A temperature sensor is a key component of any process heating application as it provides temperature feedback about the process, which can be used to monitor or control the process

Submitted by Jon Monsen and Peter Jessee // Valve Magazine
Noise from Cavitation: Bad for Control Valves and Equipment

Certain frequencies of sound can play havoc on industrial equipment. When control valves are not selected appropriately, there is an increased risk for cavitation, which causes high noise and vibration levels, resulting in very rapid damage to the valve's internals and/or the downstream piping.

Submitted by

Automation of processes that increase yield and raise productivity, is the core of what people think of when they speak of smart manufacturing. Smart is not limited to process change but opens the door to the use of new materials.

Submitted by Renee Robbins Bassett, Featured in Automation World Magazine
Renee Robbins Bassett, Featured in Automation World Magazine

Advanced Process Control (APC) methods used to be so advanced as to be esoteric- too complex and unusable except by a few high-level experts. Today, however, it seems APC is little talked about for an entirely different reason: It’s become a commodity.

Submitted by Dr. Jon Monsen, featured in Valve Magazine

In a recent interview with VALVE Magazine, Dr. Monsen discussed how the analysis of installed gain can be a guideline for selecting the control valve that will provide good control with stability throughout the full range of required flow rates

Submitted by Cromwell Schubarth, Featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal

To diversify Valin®'s business one acquisition at a time, it took the skills of an M&A M.D. named Joe Nettemeyer

Submitted by Cromwell Schubarth, Featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal

Valin® Corp. has more than doubled since CEO Joseph Nettemeyer began diversifying the 38-year-old industrial process and supply company away from its chipmaking industry roots in 2001

Submitted by Jon Monsen, Ph.D., P.E., Control Valve Technology Specialist at Valin
Rule of Thumb for Control Valve Sizing

When control valve professionals talk about "control valve sizing," they really mean the entire process of selecting the valve that will do the best job of controlling the process. Selecting the right size valve is an important part of the process, but there are other equally important considerations as well.

Submitted by Modern Distribution Management
Modern Distribution Management

Services Drive Growth for Valin®

Services make up more than a third of Sunnyvale, CA-based industrial distributor Valin®’s revenue, up from just 5 percent five years ago. That growth has been no accident.