Roof & Gutter Heat Trace

Valin’s Patented Heat Trace Specialists Snofree™ Roof Panel System will Help Protect your Valuable Investment

Melting snow turns into ice at eaves and valleys where roof temperatures are cooler, creating dams that will allow water through the roof’s protective barriers.  Valin’s Snofree™ Roof Panels stop ice from ever forming, protecting structures from potentially thousands of dollars of ice and water damage.

Snofree™ Roof Panel System

snow covered roof with roof & gutter heat trace melting snow and ice

Regardless of the type of structure or the severity of the climate, our Snowfree™ Roof Panel System is capable of protecting against the damage caused by ice formations and the resulting water damage. We have a roof & gutter heat trace solution that works for your needs no matter what type of roofing material you may have.  

Our sleek Snofree™ Roof Panel System, with diverse finish options, can seamlessly blend-in or expressively stand-out to match the personality of your home.  Architects, builders and home owners have an elegant alternative to traditional roof & gutter heat trace and new creative opportunities for homes in sub-freezing climates.

Eave panels are available in sizes ranging from six to forty eight inches with custom sizes available.  Valley panels come in both four section cut model and six inch options.  For any project and any climate trust the Snofree™ system from Valin.

Roof & Gutter Heat Trace = Energy Efficiency

Save money and reduce your impact on the environment with the superior energy efficiency of our Snofree™ Roof Panel System.  The material, shape and mass of our extruded aluminum core and steel enclosure maximize the transfer of heat, which in turn minimizes energy usage.  Compared to competing alternatives, the Snofree™ system excels with up to 33% less energy consumption. 


Our exclusive Snap2Lock design sets the standard in installation simplicity, speed and safety.  Components come together intuitively, leaving no unprotected roof penetrations.  The installation process minimizes the hazards of manipulating heavy and unwieldy parts. 

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