Valin's "How-To" video series on safety PLC's was very informative and saved me between 8 to 12 hours of reading tedious manuals. I was able to reference the videos as needed for clarification on questions. Going back though the videos I realized you had explained everything well, I just needed to see it once more. Very helpful!

A lesson learned for me in all of this is that I need to involve you earlier in programs than I did this last time.  You were tireless in your support and it will not be forgotten.

A global manufacturer of outdoor power equipment approached Oregon State University for help developing a machine for testing and product design. I was one of the Master's students brought on to be a project co-lead, and I was put in charge of the electrical, controls/measurement and hydraulics. We needed a hydraulic system, and searching online for ‘Hydraulic specialists’ I discovered Valin. The Valin team was extremely helpful and advised us in selecting the right products for our system, which consists of a Hydraulic power unit, an integrated control manifold and an electrical control panel. Valin’s team was quick, thorough and knowledgeable. After we installed the system, Valin's team provided a safety inspection before initial startup. They have my recommendation, and I would be happy to work with them again in the future.

Valin has been providing our company with value added engineering and manufacturing services for 10 years. They act as an extension of our internal design and engineering team. They take our aluminum framing concept models and finish the design with essential details, then hand the completed design over to their manufacturing department. Their team listens well, are very responsive and they deliver on-time as promised. Most importantly, their services allow me to reduce my total cost of prototype development.

We approached Valin to quote the supply and installation of 2 extra-large safety enclosures needed to guard robotic cells at a automotive manufacturing plant. The robots in question were the largest Fanuc robots on the market at that time and Ram Mechanical had been contracted by the company to manage the installation. We were pleased with Valin's quote and we issued a PO as a result. The installation took place in late June, 2015, and went flawlessly. Valin's team was simply excellent. The entire Valin team is professional and responsive. This was no easy installation and there were challenges – both foreseen and unforeseen. Valin's team ploughed through all of those challenges without a single complaint. The team is flexible and willing to rise to any occasion. We were impressed, very impressed indeed.

A huge thank you goes out to the team at Valin for successfully building the gantry and new enclosure walls and installing them in the 2 hour window required, allowing production to smoothly restart at their regular shift time. This wasn't an easy job, especially on such a hot day. We’ve had great feedback and zero complaints about the new tables and gantry setup for the operators. They are super grateful and appreciate their new setup much more than the old A-frame hoist we were using as a temporary measure. Thank you for your part in this! Really excellent work.

Valin has provided engineering and technical support to our company for around 9 years.  We’ve worked together on many automation projects including machine vision projects, robotics systems for medical equipment and motion control systems for solar panel manufacturing.  Ray is one of the local engineers that we work with at Valin and he provides invaluable engineering and technical support and really helps me understand the products.  He responds quickly to our requests and is extremely accurate.  He never tries to sell me on something that I don’t need.  He just solves the problem.

I received tremendous help from one of Valin's customer service representatives on a product obsolescence issue we had at one of our larger customers. Sheri went above and beyond handling all of the issues from cancelled orders, replacement orders, RMAs, and expediting orders to make sure it was seamless for the customer. Not only did she keep track of all of the details, but she communicated the status along the way to the customer and factory, pushing all the paperwork through clearly and efficiently - and most amazing of all, with a smile on her face. I have been working with Valin for 30 years and will continue to do so because of the quality of the people.

Over the last 9 years we have developed a strong working relationship with Valin.  We recently partnered with them on a project that presented some unique challenges.  A large semiconductor chip manufacturer needed a stand-alone dual-chamber cooling system with redundant safeguards; capable of cooling four liter batches of 98% concentrated by volume H2S04, in 3-5 minute intervals. Heateflex designed a custom, fully automated system and Valin provided the control architecture per our specifications.  This was a critical project that had to be failsafe due to the highly concentrated acids, temperatures and caustic chemicals that were involved.  The end customer was very pleased with the system.  When it counts, we know we can rely on Valin to deliver a complete solution in a timely fashion.

My organization has been working with Valin since the early 90’s. What started as a strictly product based relationship has since developed into more of a partnership where we utilize their engineering expertise to supplement our own.  They assisted with the development of the actuator system for a suite of photon diagnostics and more recently engineered a self-contained, 4-axis, custom linear drive and control system. Valin’s engineers are very knowledgeable and get things done in a timely, cost effective manner. When management says, “Get it done”, I contact Valin who provides me with real support, real solutions and one-stop shopping.

A lesson for me is that I need to involve you earlier in the program.

You were tireless in your support and it will not be forgotten!

Valin is Your Business Partner
At Valin we strive to be the people you call first, the people you trust and have confidence in, the people you want as your business partner.  We work toward this goal every day.  Valin’s promise is to help you achieve your goals.  We do this by listening to your pain-points and then customizing a solution to fit your unique needs.  We act as an extension of your team and help your company be more efficient and more profitable.