Mission and Values

Our Mission

We will create programs and services that will identify us as leaders in our industry. We will develop a focused and integrated sales program that will consistently deliver greater growth than what the market wants to give us. Innovation in our business practices, commitment to employee development, and the creation of unique service models will define our value in the marketplace.

Through the test of time our company brand will become synonymous with a standard of excellence and quality that will rival the most innovative companies anywhere.

Commitment to excellence, the embrace of responsibility, and honest accountability will establish a legacy of achievement that will define us as one of the best managed companies in wholesale distribution.

Our Values

Be Honest
We honor our commitments, and maintain consistent ethical standards in our conduct.

Be Relevant
As responsible contributors we seek continuously to create value for our associates, customers, and suppliers.

Be Committed
We seek to demonstrate a reputation for reliability by setting high goals, running lean, and striving for continuous improvement.

Be Passionate
Make exceptional performance our standard. Set high expectations for ourselves and our associates and strive to create a work environment that fosters high levels of performance.

Be Professional
In our conduct, dress, and communication we seek to consistently achieve the highest standard.

Be Creative
Ours is a culture on innovation, seeking originality in the solutions and opportunities we provide those we touch.
6 B's of Success