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Valin offers a comprehensive line of robotic systems including Cartesian, SCARA, Table Top, Mobile, Articulated and the new Delta Series.  Using our services, or those of our integrator partners, we can help you to select the best robot for your application, get it up and running, installed and applied to your specific needs.

Collaborative Robot

Mitsubishi Electric Assista Collaborative Robot

Typically the same form factors as similar industrial robots, collaborative robots are specially designed to be more sensitive to the environment around them, therefore being safer for people to work with in closer proximity.  They usually have slower speed and load capabilities in these modes, but often have modes that allow them to move more quickly under safe conditions.  They are fantastic for machine-tending and other tasks that need to be quickly modified by users or worked with in close proximity.

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Mobile Robots

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs) are more intelligent than the typical mobile robots because they are designed to operate more fluidly in a dynamic environment without having a fixed track to follow.  They respond to their environment and will route themselves as the environment changes.  They dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations as they increase throughput, reduce machine dwell time, eliminate errors, improve material traceability and free-up people for more important tasks. 

Mitsubishi RV Series Articulated Robots

Articulated Robots

Often called 6-axis robots, these are what most people think of as “industrial robots.”  They offer the greatest flexibility, load range, speed throughput of the traditional “robots” and are ideal for assembly, material handling, packaging, machine-tending and many other options.  Learn more about Mitsubishi’s RV series.


Parallel Robots

Also known as Spider or Delta Robots, Parallel Robots are more limited in their load capacity but are much faster making them ideal for picking and placing small and lighter loads, especially in smaller areas.  They are usually mounted above their work area and have options for rotary options.  Most are 3 or 4-axes, but Valin has designed and implemented a 2-axis, 2 Degree-of-Freedom (DoF), robot that can easily be customized to a customer’s specific application.

Solution Options:
  • Valin 2-Axis Solution

Cartesian Robots

Cartesian Robots

The most flexible of all robots, these are often overlooked as not being called “robots,” but “gantries” instead.  Some are pre-designed with listed specifications for them, but most are designed to a customer’s requirements from standard actuator building blocks.  They are at least two axes, but can be many more than that as the applications require pulling from a variety of technologies such as linear motors, ball screws, belt & pulleys and rack & pinion.

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Omron Adept eCobra SCARA robot

SCARA Robots

Working a more cylindrical work area, SCARAs are fast, compact, and usually have rotary axes just as well as the horizontal and vertical motion inherent to them.  Some are optimized for large loads while others are designed to be lower-cost for lighter loads, but with the same reach.

Solution Options:
IAI Table Top Robot

Table Top Robots

Pre-designed and all-in-one packages make implementing these cartesian robots extremely easy.  One part number gets a full robot and just needs an end-effector added, then plugged in and programmed with simple software. Learn more about IAI's Table Top Robot.


Grippers and EOAT

Robot Accessories

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