Process Heat

Find Required kW for Mass Dimensions
Find kW Required for Inline Circulation
Calculator to find actual watts and amps for single phase operations
Heat loss calculations, thermal loss calculations, process heater and control panel startup, heat system commissioning and startup, on-site support
Preventative maintenance, system optimization and troubleshooting, heater element repair, evaluation and upgrades 
Heat Tracing System Services
Heat trace system design, installation, training, site audits, complete system troubleshooting to include control panel and system upgrades
Heater Repair & Service
Valin can evaluate or repair your electric process heaters or control panels, no matter who manufactured it.
Valin offers engineering and design services including sizing, product selection, controls, start up and commissioning
Utilize Valin's three-phase actual watts and amps calculator to find actual wattage used.
Find Actual Amps and Watts, Ohm;s Law, Temperature Converter
Utilize Valin's 3-phase Ohm's Law calculator.
Ohm's Law
Temperature Converter
Find kW for Rectangular Tank
Find Required kw for Rectangular Tank
Find Required kW for Cylindrical Tank