Motion Control Subassemblies

Need a Custom Motion Control Subassembly?  Valin’s Engineering Team has the Capabilities to Build What you Need

In today’s world of production assembly, many OEMs need reliable motion control functionality but lack the knowledge or experience to implement the optimal solution for their specific needs. Our engineers are seeing a growing need for simple, pre-assembled motion control solutions for manufacturing lines.

The engineers at Valin offer expertise in motion control, component selection, and architecture that OEMs need to integrate into their systems. Through their offering of motion control subassemblies, Valin will reduce labor on your manufacturing line and further simplify your supply chain management. Particularly effective in critical areas such as cables and connectors designed for moving parts, Valin’s value engineering in motion control can eliminate subassembly operations, reduce your number of orders, and streamline your material flow. 

Valin’s motion control subassemblies are customized to fit your specific needs far better than an off-the-shelf option. These innovative subassemblies can include any combination of a motor, encoder, slide or linear guides, gear reducer, limit switches, custom cable harnesses, and cable dressing. Your subassembly may additionally include a pre-configured controller with I/O and communication abilities. Regardless of the specifications, Valin engineers deliver a complete axis of motion pre-configured to be integrated into your system. After Valin designs and develops the motion control subassembly that’s right for you, simply plug it in and go.

Mechanical Sub-Assemblies


Mechanical Sub-Assemblies


Custom motor





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