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Visit Yokogawa and Valin at SEMICON® WEST

Valin's team will be at SEMICON® WEST this year joining Yokogawa in booth #5584. Stop by to learn how Yokogawa is applying AI in industrial controls to help improve efficiency and speed while reducing development time for semiconductor machine tools.

Submitted by Ashley Raimondi || Valin Corporation
Parker Veriflo FR/FRN1000 Series UHP Single Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator

There is a considerable amount of thought that goes into specifying a regulator, and it has everything to do with application. Read the blog below to learn the key factors that you need to consider before buying.

Submitted by Jon Irvine || Valin Corporation
Efficient Strategies for Heating Industrial Process Tanks

Tank heating is crucial across various industries, making it a common application in industrial heating. Whether dealing with water, fuel, or corrosive substances, the process requires careful consideration. Read this blog to learn more.

Submitted by Dave Molinari || Valin Corporation
Addressing Rainwater Quality: The Critical Role of the First 1/10th Inch

It's crucial to capture as much rainwater as possible for future use in groundwater basins. However, during storm events, the existing wastewater system can become overwhelmed. The influx of freshwater from a storm event can disrupt the wastewater treatment process, leading to an imbalance in the system.

Submitted by McCrometer
How To Cost-Effectively Increase Pumping Station Capacity

Across the U.S., booster stations and pumping stations are feeling the strain of both age and increased demand. As pumping stations edge near full capacity, financial or real estate constraints can make it difficult to expand or retrofit them.

Submitted by Jon Irvine || Valin Corporation
Optimizing Tank Heating for Industrial Processes

Most processes in this world require some form of heat. Specifically, there is a need to heat something that resides in a tank. Water, fuel, etc... there seems to always be a need to maintain temperature or heat up product inside a tank. However, this requirement is not something to be taken lightly.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Condition Monitoring

Discover the intricacies of condition monitoring in our latest blog. Learn how to select the right sensors and equipment tailored to your process needs and budget.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
Balluff Condition Monitoring Sensors

Preventative maintenance and condition monitoring are not only independent concepts, but they are also ones that should not be treated with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Learn more in the blog below.

Valin Employee Testimonials

As part of Valin's 50th anniversary, we asked our employees to share their experience working at Valin over the years. Here is what some of them had to say.

Industrial Internet of Things

With the Industrial Internet of Things and digitization, opportunities to improve business performance are almost endless. Yet the process of adopting new technology requires smart investments.