Control Panels

Valin offers a full line of UL listed control panels.  Our standard offering features a configurator so the panel can be tailored to your specific application while using high quality, off-the-shelf components, thus providing the perfect solution while minimizing lead times.  For more complex, custom panels, our sales and engineering teams are standing by, ready to help you through your application and custom-design a solution.  We believe you will be impressed with our quality, price, delivery, and knowledgeable staff.  Please see the chart below to help you select which panel is right for you, or click on the link below to see a complete listing of our products. 

Control Panel Products

Have questions on controls or control theory? Click here to see videos explaining everything from basic PID control to how a panel works to how watt density affects heater life.

Heat TraceAmbientSingle circuit HTPA
Multiple circuits Call CS
ProcessSingle circuit HTPL-1
Multiple circuits HTPL-2 or 4
Process HeatLab or R & D  VTS-110
Slow SystemSingle zoneBelow 60 kwVTS-100-C
Above 60 KwCall CS
Multiple Zones Call CS
Fast SystemSingle zoneBelow 160 kwVTS-100-S
Above 160 KwCall CS
Multiple Zones F4T

Selecting the Right Control Panel

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