Nitrogen Generator

Applicable Industry or Industries:  Chemical Processing, Manufacturing, Semiconductor.

Purpose of the Skid:  Nitrogen Generation skids pull air from the atmosphere, separate the nitrogen from the rest of the gasses, and compress the nitrogen gas for compressed nitrogen use for any process that requires nitrogen.  Nitrogen is one of the most abundant gasses on earth, and most of the cost associated with the purchase of nitrogen is due to the processing of the gas.

Benefit of Using this Skid:  Many processes require nitrogen. Much of the time, the nitrogen is brought in by compressed gas trucks, or in cylindrical compressed tanks. This pre-compressed nitrogen can become costly when the process uses any substantial amount of the gas. Valin’s Nitrogen generation skids, create and compress the nitrogen on-site, eliminating the need to have a chemical processing company deliver the gas. This can save substantial cost to the end user by allowing the end user to create the nitrogen directly on-site as needed, thereby eliminating the need to re-order tanks of the gas.

Valin’s Value Statement: Valin’s engineered solutions team will custom design and fabricate a skid that is unique to your application.  

Valin provides true, turn-key skid solutions by integrating the following best-in-class services: 
  • Over 100 years of process heating experience
  • Industry-leading pumps
  • Automation products
  • Full design engineering, sales, and manufacturing expertise

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