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Walchem (an Iwaki America Company) is a leading manufacturer of on-line analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps. Walchem's mission is to provide the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies for chemical control. Walchem provides innovative solutions by integrating their instruments, sensors, fluid handling and extensive remote data communications technologies.


  •  Advanced technology
  •  Quality customer service
  •  Development of a superior work force

Holliston Massachusetts based Iwaki America Incorporated expanded its corporate headquarters at 5 Boynton Road in Holliston, Massachusetts in January 2013 by nearly 25%, Iwaki America's operations include the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of its Walchem line of water treatment controllers and related products along with the modification and assembly of Iwaki pumps and distribution of these pumps in the Americas.

According to President and CEO John Miersma, "Iwaki America has driven organic growth with significant investments in new product and new market development coupled with a long-term commitment to leading edge technology, high quality, reliable products and superior customer service. Iwaki America's proven ability to integrate its technologies and products in innovative ways that solve customers' unique application needs and add value to their processes has made Iwaki America the go-to partner for the worlds' largest water treatment and industrial companies."

The world's leading chemical pump manufacturer

Walchem's chemical pumps are favored all over the world and they have led to development of several high quality products

Iwaki is a global company with presence in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania..., In Japan, Walchem has an extensive sales network covering the entire country and continue to expand their domestic market share. Walchem also closely follow up with customers after their products are put in service. The range of products developed for increasingly diverse applications numbers in the thousands. Apart from pursuing high quality as a world-leading manufacturer, Walchem supply products that minimise ownership costs for our customers.

Advanced technical capabilities

R&D strength that has contributed to technical improvements in industries all over the world

Walchem's greatest strength lies in research and development. They focus on strengthening their technical capabilities. Walchem makes significant efforts in researching fluid control, developing new products and new technologies. The reason Walchem customers tell them, “Iwaki products are high quality products” is also due to their business structure with this technical department at the core. Constantly moving forward, Walchem will continue to supply chemical pumps that will contribute to the development of many industries.

Rigorous quality control

Walchem products meet strict quality criteria. Based on cell production method, the entire flow from assembly to packaging is done at one place

Rigorous inspections are done at every process stage using the latest test equipment and ISO9001 based quality control standards. Moreover, based on Walchem's integrated internal standards, they strive to achieve zero defect rate. They have adopted cell production methods for handling small lot production. Since the entire production flow from assembly to packaging is done at the same workstations, Walchem have successfully improved our quality and productivity, making it possible to offer fluid control equipment having excellent durability.

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