Latest Updates on Walchem Products

W900 Spare Display and Controller Board Changes

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Walchem has redesigned the W900 door and attached display and controller board. The display and the main controller circuit board will soon be able to be replaced independently, saving the customer the expense of replacing them as a pair. The flexible touchscreen connector has been eliminated and the display has been improved UV resistance. The main controller board also has performance improvements.

Based on the current run rate, Walchem will be building controllers using the new parts starting sometime in March. For controllers built prior to this change, the controller board and display must be purchased as a pair. After the change, the two parts may be ordered separately. The new assembly will be identified by the absence of visible nuts holding the board and display together.

External Preamplifier to Replace the 190783

Walchem has made improvements to the external pH/ORP/ISE preamplifier. Starting when the existing 190783 stock is depleted, sometime in June based on the current run rate, it will be replaced by the new 191949 model. The metal enclosure that could create ground loop issues if mounted to a grounded metal surface has been replaced by a non-conductive one. The circuitry has been improved to increase accuracy and immunity to electrical disturbances.

In-Line Preamplifier that Mounts Inside W600/900

For customers that need to connect standard non-amplified pH/ORP/ISE sensors with short cable runs to the W600 and W900, Walchem's new in-line preamplifier can help. They are small enough to fit inside the controller, eliminating the extra enclosure to mount. Walchem will have a version with BNC, and another with a terminal block to accept sensors with tinned leads. These are not designed to be mounted out in the elements, so if a long cable run is required, the external preamp needs to be used instead. These will be available by the end of February.

3/8" TC Injection Valve Change

The new CAN-1TA-7 injection check valve has recently replaced the E90238 injection check and valve supplied with metering pumps. As a 1:1 replacement, there is no installation or functional change between the two valves. The new CAN style injection valves are more consistent with the spring-loaded injection check valves supplied with the other E-Series metering pumps. They utilize the FLEXCON tubing connection system, making them consistent with the pump connections.

New WEL Housings with 4-20 mA Output

In order to help increase the number of sensors possible to connect to Walchem's W600 and W900 controllers, as well as to allow Walchem's sensors to be used with PLCs or other equipment, Walchem is pleased to introduce the first in a line of transmitters. Two new WEL housings will be available by the end of February, with a variety of cable lengths.  One is for use with ORP cartridges, with a 4-20 mA range scaled to -500 to 1000 mV. The other has automatic temperature compensation for use with pH cartridges, with a 4-20 mA range scaled to 0 to 14 pH standard units.

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