Control and Automation Engineering Services

Control Engineering and Automation Engineering Solutions

Have an automation project, but you don’t know how to go from concept to reality? Valin’s experts are here to assist you with a variety of innovative control system engineering and automation engineering solutions.
Our trustworthy and reliable team has over 20 years of automation engineering and motion control engineering experience to guide you properly. Whether you have automation knowledge and are seeking second opinions or are in need of expert automation engineering services, Valin can provide help for many different industries. 

Hands-On Assistance

Not only does Valin offer support with the concept you created, we can build the system for you. Our team of experts are highly educated and can assist you in:
  • Automation system design and building
  • Modifying existing products
  • Creating a sub-assembly part for your design

Resources You Need

Our services don’t just stop there. Valin properly trains our customers so they can operate control systems and automation equipment independently and efficiently without risking safety. 
Our unique and comprehensive control engineering and automation solutions to customer applications will relieve any automation headaches you may have. Contact a Valin expert today to see how we can be of service to you.
Motion Control and Automation
A lesson for me is that I need to involve you earlier in the program.

You were tireless in your support and it will not be forgotten!

Valin is Your Business Partner
At Valin we strive to be the people you call first, the people you trust and have confidence in, the people you want as your business partner.  We work toward this goal every day.  Valin’s promise is to help you achieve your goals.  We do this by listening to your pain-points and then customizing a solution to fit your unique needs.  We act as an extension of your team and help your company be more efficient and more profitable.