Electronic Level Switches

Barksdale's Generation 3000 Series combines all of the features of a modern electronic pressure, temperature and level switch, with its flexibility, operational convenience, analog feedback and compact elegant design.

Wide Range of Performance

Simple configuration allows customers to standardize on one series of switch for multiple functions. The BPS3000 operates from vacuum to 9000 psi, while the BTS3000 is designed for -22° F to 284° F. The BLS3000 offers various process connections and sensor lengths from 9.8 to 39.4 inches. Generation 3000 units are compatible with hydraulic fluid, varied chemicals, water, and gas media.

Compact and Modern Design

The new compact BPS3000 electronic pressure switch, BTS3000 electronic temperature switch, and the BLS3000 electronic level switch enable simple installation in confined spaces. The angled top displays of these units are aesthetically pleasing and functional, and their simple setup logic is a true functional benefit.

 Barksdale Electronic Level Switch BPS3000 Electronic Dual Pressure Switch; BTS3000 Electronic Dual Temperature Switch; BLS3000 Electronic Dual Level Switch

Rotatable 320° Display and Electrical Connection

The rotatable 320° display and electrical connection on the Generation 3000 units makes the mounting and installation very versatile, accommodating a multitude of applications.

Flexible Display

The 4-digit 14-segment LED display ensures perfect readability independent of the positioning: even when mounting upside down the indication can be viewed correctly as the software allows inversion of the display.

High Protection with Nema 6, IP67 and EMI Resistance

Harsh environmental circumstances with dust or water being present are not a problem for the new Generation 3000 units. The sophisticated housing and sealed keypad provides simple programming and operation.

The high EMI protection of these units allows for installation where high power equipment or where walkie-talkies are in use, like in the steel and power industries.


With 0.5% accuracy and 0.1% repeatability across both pressure and temperature ranges and 1/5" (5 mm) resolution on the level switch, the new Generation 3000 units will meet most challenging application demands. The dual switch option with 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA analog outputs will enable precise measurement and sensing every time.

Easy Operation

Our simple menu allows for easy navigation through the programming options, ascending and descending through the standardized menu with easy response push-buttons. The tamper proof settings can also help to prevent operational mistakes.

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