Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors for industrial and commercial applications assure precise and accurate temperature control of critical processes. Temperature sensors are used to measure temperature in countless industrial processes, laboratory and medical instruments and commercial applications.  Valin can provide custom manufactured Thermocouples and RTD’s specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements. We also have a large stock of inventory of thermocouples for immediate delivery. In addition, we stock a wide range of temperature sensing accessories.

Precautions for Extending Lead Wires of Temperature Sensor
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Valin provides a tremendous selection of general application, mineral insulated metal sheathed, base metal, high temperature, surface temperature and multipoint thermocouples. Fiberglass insulated thermocouples are capable of temperatures up to 900°F (480°C) for continuous operation. Watlow provides grounded, ungrounded and exposed junctions. Watlow uses a verification process at selected temperature points to ensure products conform to ASTM error limits. Same day shipment on millions of thermocouple configurations is available.

Industrial thermocouples are provided in a variety of styles and materials to meet rugged industrial applications. A wide selection of sensor types, connection heads, leadwire termination options and accessories are available.
  • Precision Insulated Themocouples
  • Unique Surface Probes
  • Adjustable Depth Sensors
  • Special Purpose Thermocouple Sensors
  • Plastic Industry Thermocouples
  • MGO Thermocouples
  • Nozzle Type Thermocouples
  • Ring Type Thermocouples
  • Precision Insulated Themocouples
  • Surface Plate Thermocouples
  • High-Temp. Overbraided Thermocouples

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RTD - Resistance Temperature Detectors

 RTD - Resistance Temperature Detectors
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) ensure precise and repeatable temperature measurement. Watlow has a variety of resistance temperature detectors (RTD) sensors available that are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature measurement. Sensors are built to meet the most demanding industrial applications while providing a lower total cost of ownership for our customers.

Industrial RTDs (Resistance temperature detectors) are provided in a varity of styles and materials to meet rugged industrial applications. A wide selection of sensor types, connection heads, leadwire termination options and accessories are available.
  • Bayonet and Compression RTDs
  • RTD Probes with Connection Head
  • Heat Trace or Pipe Sensors
  • Precision RTD Probe
  • Surface Mount RTD Series

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Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

Infrared temperature sensors are calibrated to match thermocouples in specific temperature ranges.  Some are pre-calibrated.  Others are adjustable by a screw within a range of interest and material properties.  Models are available for different materials.
  • Pre-calibrated
    • Highly reliable
    • No active electronics to fail
    • Mean Time Between Failure rate > 1,000 years between failures
    • Intrinsically Safe
    • Fast Response time
    • Signal emulates conventional thermocouple signal
  • Adjustable
    • Range varies with the turn of a screw
    • Select models by…
    • Temperature range
    • Spot size
    • Thermocouple type desired
    • Target

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