Condition Monitoring for Fuel Systems

Condition Monitoring
Specifying proper filtration has become more difficult since the days of “nominal” rated filters. Rather than guessing on nominal, absolute, or Beta ratings, it makes more sense to specify how clean you want the fuels, oils or hydraulic fluids to be and then to work with a specialist who can provide the right filtration solution.

Valin now offers a solution to the challenge of measuring the quality of hydrocarbon fuels. We are able to provide a quick analysis of the fuel and a recommendation for the proper filtration. Samples can be taken directly from a barrel, vehicle fuel tank or from pipes in a fuel system. Our system is completely self-contained with a laser detection particle counter, battery and pump, plus memory with web page generator for data download onto a PC or laptop. Our system uses proven laser detection technology, which delivers precise, repeatable, reproducible results, in real time detection of both particulates, down to 4 microns (c) and dissolved water.


  • Fast detection of the presence of contamination with a sampling period from 5 seconds to 999 seconds
  • Precise, repeatable, reproducible results
  • Reporting Standards: 1504406:1 999, NASl 638 and RH% moisture sensor display in high intensity OLED format

Industries Served

Energy | Marine | Agriculture | Defense | Aerospace | Automotive

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