Electrical Subassemblies

Need a Custom Electrical Sub-Assembly?  Valin’s Engineering Team has the Capabilities to Build What you Need

Sometimes off the shelf solutions do not meet your exact needs. When you need custom sub-assemblies or specially modified parts, Valin’s engineering team works with you to design, document, and manufacture your custom electrical sub-assemblies to your exact specifications.  

Sensor Assemblies

We offer sensing components that detect, measure, analyze, and process various changes occurring on production sites, such as changes in position, length, height, displacement, and appearance. They also contribute to predicting and preventing future events. Valin has a wide range of sensors including: photoelectric, vision, proximity, photomicro, ultrasonic, pressure, liquid leakage, and measurement to make sure we can meet your needs.


customized electrical sub assembly connectors


Custom Electrical Sub-Assembly photo sensors






The Benefits of Electrical Assemblies

Reducing costs on the manufacturing floor and saving time is always a concern for OEMs. For manufacturers that build any kind of equipment on a repeating basis, the electrical/mechanical engineers on staff generally work toward cutting down unnecessary steps in the manufacturing process.  Lean manufacturing operations often replace hundreds of small, individually ordered parts with custom, pre-fabricated subassemblies that minimize the number of parts that have to be ordered, stocked, and assembled. Between ordering thousands of tiny, low value parts and trying to reduce inventory, it is very difficult for them to focus on the most important aspect of their work, improving quality.  Valin offers pre-engineered electrical assemblies as a solution.

Valin’s solutions consist of pre-assembled electrical components.  Parts include sensors, indicators, and control components that can all be pre-configured with specific settings, IP addresses, and labels in order to ensure the assembly is a true “plug and play” solution.  Additionally, the assembly operations include connectorizing, with cable harness or dressing, with labels. 

By taking advantage of Valin’s Electrical Assemblies, manufacturers are able to shift their focus and resources elsewhere.  Valin’s Electrical Assemblies can reduce product component liability; floor space needed for assembly and product cost (by eliminating margin stacking).  Additionally, Valin’s Electrical Assemblies will simplify your bill of materials. The Electrical Assemblies are pre-tested and contain a state-of-the-art cable routing design, improving quality. Valin’s engineering staff are experts in wiring harness design to improve system reliability.  By designing a wiring harness with optimized wire lengths, routing, and packaging (i.e. strategically placed shrink tubing or abrasion-resistant jackets) we can make a cable last much longer in a motion application where cables typically wear out due to flexural fatigue or abrasion.

Valin’s team provides technical expertise as an extension of your engineering staff.  The experts at Valin have detailed product knowledge and direct factory support for 2nd-level troubleshooting.  Due to their knowledge of the product lifecycle, the team can help you plan for product upgrades and future obsolescence.

Let Valin’s engineering team be an extension of your team.  Contact us today or call us at (855) 737-4716 to work with one of our specialists.

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