Motion Control and Automation


We are the intelligent handlers that move parts through space to make your metal stamping operations world-class. We have combined our experience and expertise of over 70 years with the integration of ISI, Erie and Syron into the Norgren product portfolio. From die and automation design, to the latest tooling technology, we have been inventing and manufacturing systems in metal stamping applications around the world to maximize SPM (strokes per minute), reduce start-up time and increase over-all equipment efficiency in the press room.

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We are vacuum experts with products ranging from vacuum generators, suction cups, vacuum switches, fittings and plug and play end of arm tooling (EOAT) to meet your design requirements. We have integrated the Vaccon company, with 50 years of expertise into the Norgren product portfolio.

Most options are modular allowing flexibility with your application. Our range of vacuum generators can accommodate high flow, material transfer, modular, inline and variable flow vacuum applications. Norgren vacuum products fit a variety of applications including food processing, medical, packaging, stamping, clamping, assembly and material handling and conveyance.

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Motion Control and Automation
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