Mechanical Components

Are you designing a mechanical system and don't want to or can't use an off-the-shelf solution?  Then we have many of the components that you'll need: rotary and linear bearings and slides, ball screws, and couplers. 

Or perhaps you don't need a motorized stage but want to precisely and manually control the position of your part?  Check out our manual rotary and linear stages!

Mechanical Components To Meet Your Needs

Bearings & Ball Screws
Bearings, bushings, ballscrews and other mechanical components for mechanical motion.
Flexible shaft couplers, torque limiters and line shafts for torque ranges from 0.05 to 160,000 Nm.
Manual Rotary Stages
Motion Control & Automation Manual Rotary Stages
Precision rotary stages for use when manually controlled rotation or precise angular positioning are needed.
Manual Linear Stages & Slides
Motion Control & Automation Manual Linear Stages & Slides
Precision stages for guiding manually operated movements or manual positioning.
Rack and Pinion Systems
Rack and Pinion Systems
Precision and industrial gearing for converting rotary to linear motion.
Telescopic Industrial Rails
Telescopic Industrial Rails from Rollon
Rollon’s telescopic slides can support 5000 lbs. extended out 5 feet.
Motion Control and Automation
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When we needed technical assistance and applications support, Valin was there for us. Their knowledgeable engineers saved us an invaluable amount of time, helping us get up and running quickly. We are very happy with their services.