Supplying hydrogen to industrial users is now a major business around the world. The number of countries with polices that directly support investment in hydrogen technologies is increasing, along with the number of sectors they target.

Hydrogen is light, storable, energy-dense, and produces no direct emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases. Hydrogen can be extracted from fossil fuels and biomass, from water, or from a mix of both. Natural gas is currently the primary source of hydrogen production.

Hydrogen Energy System

Valin and our suppliers have positioned ourselves to support this market with products that are EC-79 certified and ISO 19880-3 tested. Learn more below.

Parker Hannifin Products for the Hydrogen Market

Parker is supporting global decarbonization efforts through a broad range of solutions for a variety of applications. Their hydrogen-compatible components and systems enable safe and efficient operation from vacuum to 1,380 bar (20,000 psi) and temperatures from -253OC to +538OC (-423OF to +1000OF).

On-Board Vehicles

Parker provides components for on-board hydrogen-powered vehicles for pressures from 30 to 700 bar (435 to 10,152 psi).
ISO Products for H2 Refueling Stations

Components for hydrogen refueling stations for pressures up to 700 bar (10,152 psi).

General Hydrogen Applications
Components for general hydrogen applications at pressures from vacuum to 1,380 bar (20,000 psi).

Cryogenic/LH2 Applications

Components for cryogenic/LH2 applications at temperatures down to -253OC (-423OF) and pressures up to 50 bar (725 psi).


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Instrumentation Solutions for Hydrogen Applications

Engineered Solutions Leading the way to Hydrogen-Fueled Turbines

Fluid Connectors Solutions for Hydrogen Applications

Hydrogen Ecosystem Solutions

Ashcroft Products for the Hydrogen Market


Ashcroft Pressure and Temperature Instruments in Hydrogen Systems

WIKA Information for the Hydrogen Market

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