Machine & Process Safeguarding

Safety Components are required for safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities. They are used for shut-out detection of mechanical guards, checking intrusion into hazardous areas, and building safety circuits. Today, forward-thinking manufacturers clearly realize the new role of increased safety on the factory floor.

  • Recently adopted international safety standards have shifted the way systems are evaluated
  • Safety is a corporate responsibility, not an obstruction to productivity
  • Safety is essential to increased productivity and profitability

Next Steps Valin Can Help You With Include...

  • Safety walk-through
  • Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Develop solution
  • Product/Solution integration
  • Solution validation
Machine & Process Safeguarding

Product Building Blocks Valin Can Provide Include...


Safety Switches & Operator Controls

1. Safety Switches & Operator Controls

Tamper resistant switches enhance mechanical guarding methods.
  • Guardlocking switches
  • Hinge pin switches
  • Non-contact switches
  • Limit switches
  • Tongue switches
  • Explosion-proof versions

Emergency Stop Devices

2. Emergency Stop Devices

  • Enclosed and panel-mounted models available with key-operated reset
  • Combination rope and push button actuated emergency stop switches
  • Heavy duty housing offering rope spans to 200 meters

Mats & Area Guarding/Safety Edges & Bumpers

3. Mats & Area Guarding/Safety Edges & Bumpers

Built tough for tough environments. Combine a mat with a controller to provide proven reliability.

4. Perimeter Guarding

Models are available with single and multiple-beam models with an operating range to 70 meters. They’re perfect when installing fences is not practical.


Enabling Switches

5. Enabling Switches

Provides the additional protection needed during set-up, programming and servicing of robotic and automatic equipment. Has distinct clicks for three easily discernible positions.

Justifying the Cost of Safeguarding Equipment

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