Machine & Process Safeguarding

Safety Components are required for safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities. They are used for shut-out detection of mechanical guards, checking intrusion into hazardous areas, and building safety circuits. Today, forward-thinking manufacturers clearly realize the new role of increased safety on the factory floor.

  • Recently adopted international safety standards have shifted the way systems are evaluated
  • Safety is a corporate responsibility, not an obstruction to productivity
  • Safety is essential to increased productivity and profitability

Justifying the Cost of Safeguarding Equipment

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  • Safety walk-through
  • Training
  • Risk Assessment
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  • Product/Solution integration
  • Solution validation
Machine & Process Safeguarding

Safeguarding Project Building Blocks Valin Can Provide Include...

Safety Switches & Operator Controls

IDEM Safety Interlock Switches
Tamper resistant switches enhance mechanical guarding methods.

IDEM Emergency Stop Buttons

Emergency Stop Devices

Emergency stop devices are used to reduce the risk of injury by stopping machinery quickly.
Mats & Area Guarding/Safety Edges & Bumpers

Mats & Area Guarding/Safety Edges & Bumpers

Mats are built tough for tough environments. Pressure on the mat actuates the safety circuit. Area scanners use light to detect intrusions into a hazardous area during machine operation and allow flexible configuration of the hazardous area map.

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Safety Light Curtains / Perimeter Guarding

Safety light curtains are comprised of emitters and receivers and are available with single and multiple-beam models with an operating range to 70 meters. They’re perfect when installing fences is not practical.

Enabling Switches

Enabling Switches

Provides the additional protection needed during set-up, programming and servicing of robotic and automatic equipment or for safe starting of machine operation. Grip type has distinct clicks for three easily discernible positions. Operator holds the enabling switch and squeezes the switch to the middle position. Letting go or squeezing too hard will shut down machine operation.


IDEM Viper SCR-i Safety Relays

Safety Relays

Safety relays are used together with safety input devices (switches, sensors, etc.) to complete the machine safeguarding circuit and provide safe working environments.


IDEM Trapped Key Interlocks

Lock Out / Tag Out / Trapped Key

During the servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment, the unexpected startup or release of stored energy can result in serious injury or death to workers.  Lockout/Tag out and trapped-key systems are typically used to prevent this unexpected and dangerous start up condition.

Safety PLCs

Safety PLCs can control a safety system or circuit.  Time and money are saved on field wiring since there is no need for safety relays and complicated wiring.

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Networked Safety Device

Networked Safety Devices

Networked safety devices with industrial ethernet offer advanced communication via EtherNet/IP CIP Safety or PROFINET PROFIsafe. Benefit from reduced cabling, quicker installation time, and improved device diagnostics.

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