Aviation Fueling Nozzle Rebuild

As part of Valin’s mission to provide unparalleled customer service and offer complete turn-key solutions to its customers, Valin offers its Aviation Fueling Nozzle Rebuild Program for its customers in the Aviation industry.  Turnaround times for airports to have their fueling nozzles rebuilt or replaced are generally very long.  Additionally, many of the maintenance engineers don’t have the time or the expertise to do the repair themselves.  Valin’s Aviation Fueling Nozzle Rebuild Program includes complete nozzle inspection and evaluation for both Carter and Whitaker nozzles.  On-site pickup and return of repaired nozzles, as well as full service on-site troubleshooting, is included in the comprehensive program for select locations.

As part of the rebuild program, Valin does a comprehensive cleaning, seat inspection and Hydro test to ensure quality.  In its newly-expanded rebuild shop in Dublin, California, Valin houses state-of-the-art testing equipment.  Its Hydro pressure test stand is rated to 3250 psi and its bead blasting cabinet allows the rebuilt nozzle to shine like new.  For complete transparency, every test Valin performs on the fueling nozzle is then documented and results are recorded and attached to the returned part.

Valin’s rebuild and repair technicians have more than 50 years of valve experience and more than 45 years experience among their aviation specialists.

Service include:
  • Inspection & Evaluation
  • Rebuild and Repair for Whitaker and Carter 
  • On site troubleshooting
  • On site pick up and return of repaired Aviation fueling nozzles
  • Hydro testing and seat inspection

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Aviation Fueling Products

  • Coalescer and separator cartridges meeting API 1581 Fifth Edition
  • Monitor cartridges meeting API/IP Third Edition specifications
  • Particulate and clay cartridges
  • ASME/API horizontal & vertical filter/separator & monitor housings
  • Oil-water separators and oil content monitors/alarms


  • Underwing nozzles, bottom loading couplers.
  • Pressure control valves, bypass valves, hydrant shutoff valves, flow limiter pilot valve.
  • Venturis, deadman controls.

Liquid Controls

  • Fueling meters, counters, ticket printers.

fjord aviation products

  • Safety equipment: nozzle dust covers, wing protectors, nozzle handle guards.

  • Reels for hose and cable.

  • Nozzles, swivels, sight flow indicators, CIVACON couplers, dry disconnects.


  • Nozzles, swivels, tank truck equipment.


  • Type C (conductive), Grade 1 & 2, certified, custom lengths and fittings.


  • Fuel handling & safety: overfill protection, deadman controls, grounding systems.


  • Quality control, safety equipment and accessories.


  • Fuel additives, additive injection systems, bacteria detection and treatment.

  • Fuel recovery systems, DP gauge, 3-way DP test valve, check valve air eliminators, gauge guard for Whittaker single point nozzle, hose swivels.


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Process Control
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