Vacuum Technology for Automation

Valin offers comprehensive Vacuum technology solutions for the Automation Industry through various individual components that are needed to set up your vacuum systems. This includes Vacuum components and gripping systems that could improve the efficiency of the automated process significantly and this applies to either machine construction or the robotics industry. These components include handling various workpieces by vacuum ranges from miniature parts such as solar wafers, furniture parts, wheels, or electronic chips.

Vacuum Components

The various components that are needed to build your vacuum systems are vacuum suction cups, special grippers, area gripping systems and End effectors, mounting elements, vacuum generators, valve technology, switches, and system monitoring and filters & connections. Valin offers all these products of Schmalz, Aventics, and ASCO Numatics brands.

Vacuum Gripping Systems

In the automated processes it is essential in some applications to use gripper systems for end of the robotic tools that are available with ready to connect instead of approaching an integrator or turnkey solution provider for cost savings. Valin offers both vacuum layer gripping systems and vacuum suction spiders among our many gripper and EOAT options. 

Vacuum Clamping Technology

Vacuum clamping is a technology to provide efficient grid, flat, and table system setup. These clamping systems can be used in the existing machining centers and can be easily modernized with this clamping system. These are various clamping equipment for woodworking, plastic processing, glass processing, 3D freeform surfaces 

Vacuum Technology for Robotics

Valin offers vacuum technology that is required for the Cobots and Lightweight Robots. This includes handling sets, vacuum grippers, and vacuum generators. In the illustration here through the Schmalz brand, we can provide all the below parts that are needed for your Robotic arm to function seamlessly.
  1. Cobot
  2. Flange
  3. Vacuum generator
  4. Vacuum gripper
  5. Individual workpiece
  6. Operation panel of the cobot
  7. Software (App)

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