Process Control

Valin helps companies improve fluid and gas transfer rates while increasing efficiency through process automation and network integration. If it runs through a pipe or tube Valin can help you measure it, control it, filter it, heat it, automate and network .

Valin’s process control products consist of precision measurement, fluid handling, process heating and filtration products. Our measurement products support applications requiring measurement, monitoring, and analysis. Ranging from the control of gas and fluid processes Valin has basic sensors up to sophisticated subsystems that provide reliable performance. Our fluid handling products offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your needs and improve efficiency; whether its high-purity, high-temperature, high-flow, leak-free performance, footprint reduction, or precise control of your process fluids. Our heating products and systems offer the latest technologies, and are supported by process heating consultations to ensure your plant operates smoothly. Valin delivers a variety of turn-key filtration solutions to handle the most demanding requirements, providing consistent performance time after time.

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