Data Collection

Data Collection is the next step in a journey that started with sensors, controls and networking.  Creating data is pointless unless it is collected.  Learn more below about technologies useful for collecting that data:
  • IIoT Gateways for Data Collection
  • PLCs for Data Collection
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Sensors

IIoT Gateways for Data Collection

Where PLCs excel at making decisions based on sensors and data, IIoT Gateways excel at aggregating sensor data and passing it on to other sources (i.e. computers, databases, SCADA systems, the Cloud, cellphones, etc.), with various methods (i.e. Modbus, MQTT, Ethernet TCP/IP, JSON, etc.).  Modern data collectors have modern capabilities that, especially when combined with the functionalities of the gateways, make collecting data from existing systems, passing it on, and even creating alarms based on conditions, much easier than re-programming the existing controls.

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PLCs for Data Collection

PLCs have long been used for collecting some data.  Options have been primarily to:
  1. Store the data on the PLCs memory, a removeable memory card perhaps, and then manually remove it
  2. Write the data to a file and FTP that to a location on a network
  3. Use an HMI, SCADA or Data Historian to capture the data from the PLC at a higher level
  4. Today’s PLCs have more connectivity than ever before including OPC UA, MQTT and the ability to write to SQL databases directly.

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Edge Computers

Edge Computers are specifically tailored for existing at the application or factory-floor level where they can collect data in real time and even control systems based on that data.  By being smaller and more focused, they can be faster and more manageable than a system controlling an entire factory.


Cloud-Based Solutions

There are a wide variety of cloud-based tools for collecting and viewing data.  Options include big names with cloud-computer services to more integrated solutions that are tightly coordinated with the gateways that serve the information up to the cloud.
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Data collection starts with the sensors.  Some are specifically designed with the future in mind providing connectivity, visibility and alarming features.  Learn more about the wide variety of sensors.

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