Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC)

Secomea's Data Collection Cloud (DCC) is a true turnkey component of the Secomea Remote Maintenance solution. It was specifically designed to address the typical data collection needs of Machine Builders and Manufacturers. The DCC is tightly integrated with the remote access components GateManager and SiteManager, ensuring you get a solution that works end-to-end.

Data Collection Cloud Features

  • Role–based management
  • Intuitive dashboard builder
  • Central SiteManager data collection config management
  • TLS encrypted and highly compact IoT protocol
  • Extra device validation via GateManager Access Management Server
  • Location Service/Map
  • API for external data processing

Combine Data Collection and Remote Access in a Single Device

  • Build your own dashboards
  • Easy data visualization
  • Access and monitor data anytime - anywhere
  • Flexible role management
  • Combine real-time and OEE data visualization

The DCC makes it easy to monitor and compare data collected from all devices. Start improving productivity with Secomea cloud solution!

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