Comfort & Radiant Heaters

Comfort heaters come in three basic varieties: forced air, convection and radiant. Electric heat is the perfect choice because of the high turndown ratio, ensuring maximum comfort with the minimum use of energy. 

Forced Air Heaters

Forced air heaters benefit from a compact design, packing a lot of heat in a little area, reducing cost. Valin offers industrial, harsh environment, portable and commercial forced air heaters. Industrial forced air heaters are self-contained heaters that provide quiet, reliable fan-forced heating in all types of commercial and industrial applications. Harsh environment forced air heaters are designed for hazardous locations and are corrosion resistant, explosion proof and can be hosed down. Portable forced air heaters come in regular blower and industrial blower types. The commercial heaters can fit in cabinet consoles and are perfect for offices, waiting rooms or stairways.

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Hazardous Forced Air Heater GUX Series

Explosion-Proof Unit Heater - GUX Series
Explosion-proof unit heaters are designed to heat areas classified as hazardous locations designated as Class I, Group C & D or Class II, Groups E, F, and G, Divisions 1 & 2, with a T3B ignition temperature code rating (329°F, 165°C) to provide primary or supplementary heating for comfort or freeze protection. Typical applications involve oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, petrochemical plants, oil rigs, unattended pumping stations, chemical storage and handling facilities, paint storage areas, and countless other hazardous areas covered by these classifications.

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Convection Heaters

Industrial convection heaters are designed for industrial and commercial spaces where quiet, maintenance free operation is critical. Valin can offer hazardous rated heaters in both convection and blower, often used in Oil & Gas fields or refineries where explosive gasses may be present, but people still need to get their work done.

Hazardous Forced Air Convection Heater SCG Series

SCG Explosion-Proof Convector Heaters
SCG Series convector heaters are designed to heat areas classified as hazardous locations designated for Class I, Groups B, C, & D. Division 1 and 2 environments. Typical applications involve petroleum refineries and gasoline storage and dispensing areas, industrial firms that use flammable liquids in dip tanks for parts cleaning, petrochemical companies manufacturing chemicals, dry cleaning plants, utility and natural gas plants, aircraft hangars, fueling areas, and many other hazardous areas covered by these classifications.

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Comfort Blower MUH Unit Heater

Comfort Blower MUH Unit Heater

Comfort Blower MUH Unit Heaters mount either horizontally or vertically and are perfect for factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shipping rooms, and power stations. These heaters can be used for primary, supplementary, spot, or dual-system heating.

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Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are ideal for outdoor environments or spot heating such as a workstation. Valin offers fixed and portable infrared radiant heaters that are designed to emit radiant energy for spot and zone heating, metal-sheath infrared radiant heaters that are designed for versatility and can be configured and mounted for optimal process heating, and wide area radiant panel heaters that can be mounted to radiate in any direction and can reliably operate with no reduction in radiant output over the life of the heater.

FRP and FRS Infrared Radiant Comfort Heaters

FRP and FRS Infrared Comfort Heaters
FRP/FRS Series Infrared Heater are perfect for total or supplement (spot) heating in commercial and industrial areas, assembly lines, aircraft hangers, work stations and shipping areas. These heaters also provide snow melting for waiting areas and entryways, stairs, parking lots, driveways and loading docks, and smoking areas. The FRP/FRS Series are available with stainless steel or painted steel enclosure. The double element and triple element heaters provide concentrated heating capacity in a single infrared radiant heater.

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