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IDEM Safety Switches was created in 2003 by Medi Motasham, the former Head of Research and Development at EJA/Guardmaster. Over 18 years as Technical Director of EJA/Guardmaster, and later Rockwell Automation, he designed and developed the popular Guardmaster Brand Products that included Trojan, Titan, Cadet, Rotacam, Ferrogard, Spartan, Lifeline, Minotaur, etc. Now IDEM’s team, currently with over 200 years’ experience between them, have set a new industry standard by offering the “Next Generation” of machine safety interlocks and devices with higher reliability, increased features and up to date durability to cope with the ever-increasing environmental demands placed on machine safety devices.

We offer a vast choice of machine safety solutions for a host of industrial sectors, from simple E-Stops to the most advanced networked interlock systems. IDEM proudly manufactures the world’s largest range of Stainless-Steel safety devices, including IP69K and EHEDG hygiene compliant products designed for the most challenging environments.

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