IntraFlow™ Series Modular Sample Conditioning Systems from Parker

IntraFlow™ Series Modular Sample Conditioning Systems from Parker
Parker’s IntraFlow™ modular system has been developed specifically for analytical, lab and other complex general purpose instrumentation flow control systems. ISA/ANSI SP76.00.02 compliant, Parker IntraFlow™ fittings and valves provide maximum flexibility with minimal space requirements. One of the unique features is that all flow paths, regardless of direction, are maintained on a single plane within the system as there are no lower level manifold blocks required.

The compact, modular design provides contiguous fitting flow paths that are intra-connected with slip fit pressure connectors, while a threaded pegboard provides connection force and rigidity when fittings are mounted with cap screws. System assembly couldn't be simpler. All you will need is a 5/32" hex head wrench to build with Parker IntraFlow™.

IntraFlow™ Series Modular Sample Conditioning Systems Features:

  • System size is reduced as much as 75% compared with conventionally plumbed systems, drastically reducing panel space, internal volume and purge times
  • Compliant with ISA/ANSI SP76.00.02 open architecture standards
  • Complex system assembly was never easier! No tube benders or cutters required, and no welding. All that's needed to assemble is a 5/32” hex head wrench
  • Every component on your Parker IntraFlow™ system can be reused when upgrading with emerging NeSSI Generation 2 & 3 technologies
  • All flow paths are on the same plane: Parker IntraFlow™ eliminates lower level manifolds to minimize system weight and leak potentials
  • Whether mounting a fitting to the standard 1/8" pegboard or a valve to the fitting, the same 10-32 x 1/2" SHCS is the only screw required

IntraFlow™ Series Modular Sample Conditioning Systems Applications:

  • Process Analyzers
  • Stream Switching Systems
  • Analytical Equipment
  • Integrators


  • Petrochemical
  • Refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Research

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