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High Purity Metering Pumps

High purity metering pumps are provided for on-tool chemical generation and chemical concentration management. As the leader in surface preparation recirculation pumps, Iwaki's high purity pumps are the choice for CMP, etch/strip, and copper solution handling.

MDM Series

Iwaki MDM Series Pump
Exceptional High Purity for Chemical Transfer and Blending

Iwaki America's combination of virgin PFA Teflon® and Silicon Carbide make it the clear choice for high volume bulk chemical transfer and blending. Independent third party testing, along with a list of satisfied customers has made the MDM series a proven asset in high purity chemical handling. With flow rates up to 350 gallons per minute, the MDM series can handle all of your high purity chemical needs!

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Iwaki MDM Pumps

FF / FF-H Series Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

FF / FF-H Series Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump
Energy Saving Design

The FF series are specified for use with medium temperature liquids (The PVC cylinder type: 5 to 50˚C; Al cylinder type: 5 to 100˚C.) and the FF-H series are designed to handle a wide range of chemical liquids ranging from ordinary temperatures to high temperatures (20 to 180˚C).

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Download Iwaki FF-H Series Pneumatics Drive Bellows Pump Brochure

Iwaki FF/FF-H Pumps

FA Series - Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

Iwaki FA Series Pumps
Two Models for Circulating Medium Temperature Liquid

The right pump for the right job. The FA Series bellows pump addresses low flow and high flow requirements at low to medium temperatures (5 to 100°C). The FA-2E pump is for precise chemical delivery for flow rates up to 0.5 gpm (2 L/min).

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Iwaki FA Pumps

FW-H Series - Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

FW-H Series Pumps
Robust Bellows Design, High Pressure Performance and Long Service Life

Whether your application requires high pressure or high temperature, the FW-H universal temperature pump will meet your needs!  High purity and exceptional performance are central to the design mission of these pumps - in fact, the pumps are manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room environment.

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Iwaki Fw-Fw-H Pumps

FS Series - Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump

Iwaki pneumatic bellows fs
Compact, All-Temperature Rated, Low-Cost, Air-Driven Bellows Pump

Iwaki America’s FS is a compact, all-temperature rated, low-cost, air-driven, bellows pump series designed for the semiconductor industry, chemical delivery or recirculation. This pump handles high temperature nitride etch and piranha etch applications with ease. FS features intelligent drive technology and leak sensing, with a significant cost savings over previous models, and a 2-year warranty.

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Iwaki FS Pumps

Iwaki FLP60 Pump

FLP-60W Series - Low Pulsation Bellows Pump

Reduces Discharge Pulsation Without the use of a Separate Dampener

The FLP-60W features a built-in low pulsation design that eliminates the need for a pulsation dampener and reduces air consumption. The optimum bellows movement improves pressure sustaining capability to maintain stable discharge capacity and pressure under frequent load change, especially in single wafer processing.

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Iwaki FLP Pumps

CFD Chemical Replenishing Pump

Iwaki CFD Chemical Replenishing Pump
Resolution Up to 1.0 mL/shot Offers Finer Flow Adjustment

The resolution of the CFD-1T-B has been greatly improved compared to our existing models. The minimum flow of 1mL/shot offers greater accuracy in chemical condensation control that is required in the wafer cleaning process. The CFD-1T-B always feeds the correct quantity of chemical without overshoot, eliminating excess liquid wastage. In addition, the anti-siphon mechanism prevents unintentional siphoning.

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Iwaki CFD Pumps

TC-X TTD Series

Available in 6 Sizes With a Wide Range of Options and Accessories

Iwaki TC-X TTD Series High Purity PTFE Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
Specifically designed to transfer highly corrosive chemicals, including slurries in clean room type chemical transfer processes for the manufacture of electronic components, solar panels and also for the manufacture of semiconductors. Newly improved pump design with reduced air consumption & incorporating the new looped C air motor for increased reliability and extended parts life. Drop-in body dimensions and footprint. Fully bolted and torqued pumps with inbuilt design features to resist material creep and reduced chance of leaks forming over time. Totally non-lubricated technology. Designed to insure low particle counts and reduced chance of metallic ion contamination within a process. Class 100 clean room manufactured, packed and double bagged. Multiple connection types available to match your application needs.

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