Control Theory

Welcome to our control theory page!  Many customers have questions on controls (both power and temperature) and we thought it might be helpful to create some videos explaining the ins and outs of electric heater control. 

We will be posting new information here frequently, so check back often for fresh content!

Basic PID Control

Learn about the basic parameters of PID control and how they can improve your throughput and reduce scrap.

Thermal Loop

Understanding the thermal loop is critical to heater life and the quality of your process.

Digital vs. Analog Signals

DI, DO, AI, AO- Ever wonder what those mean and how they impact your process?  Learn all about them here.

Advanced PID

Want to get deeper into PID control theory?  This is your next step….

Watt Density

Watt density is the single most important characteristic in heater life. Watt denisty is all.

Control Panel Anatomy

Controls panels don't need to be a black box of mystery! Let us open up a panel for you and walk you through the components.

Heater Failure

Watch this video before energizing a heater, especially if it got wet or if it has been sitting around awhile.

Power Switching

Ever wondered what the difference was between contactors and SCRs? Can contactors provide PID control? The answers are here.


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