Oil and Gas

Flow Meters for Clean Process Fluid Applications

Macnaught manufactures highly accurate, robust industrial grade flow meters for clean process fluid applications.

Smart IO-Link Sensors and Switches for Smart Factories

WIKA’s family of robust products with IO-Link – pressure, temperature, and flow sensors – enable the remote monitoring and process control of intelligent machines in smart factories.

Energy Expenditure as a Factor in Hydrogen Transport and Storage

Hydrogen is key to decarbonization – in the chemical industry as well as for developed nations. However, while it is relatively easy and cheap to produce, pure H2 is notoriously difficult to transport and store. Most methods require high operational and/or energy costs.

The Danger of Hydrogen Leaks and How to Minimize the Risk

Leaks are a pernicious issue in natural gas pipelines. As hydrogen can escape even more easily than methane through the tiniest holes, cracks, and weld seams, the transport and eventual storage of this gas is one of the major barriers to wider adoption of this gas as a fuel and feedstock. Hydrogen permeation and embrittlement only exacerbate the problem.

Submitted by Peter Jessee and Dave Fahlgren || Valin Corporation
Positioner Selection: Knowing what You Need

Selecting the proper positioner is critical. The wrong decision can lead to unnecessary costs on one end of the spectrum and the need for a replacement on the other.

Submitted by Peter Jessee || Valin Corporation
Trip Valves

In the world of natural gas liquification, turbine trip valves play a major role. There may be no piece of equipment that is more important to the safety of the plant and its personnel than a turbine trip valve.

Submitted by SOR Measurement and Control
Industrial Furnace Temperature Measurement

Industrial furnaces come in many shapes and sizes and are used across a wide variety of applications. As one would expect, monitoring the temperature of an industrial furnace is critical and is accomplished by measuring the temperature of the tubes inside the furnace.

Making Decisions on Control Valve Technology

So, you know you need some form of control in your process, but where do you go from there?  There are so many different options available depending on the process conditions and the level of control you’re looking for. And with budget restrictions becoming ever more stringent, making the best decision the first time is crucial.

Uncover Actionable Insights that Drive Operational Improvement

Global competition requires manufacturers to strive for operational excellence to ensure they are competitive. This requires continuous improvements in terms of reliability, reduced unscheduled downtime, lower maintenance costs, extended equipment life, optimized energy consumption, improved sustainability, and greater throughput.

Improve Sustainability with IIoT

Reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing sustainability are imperatives in today’s world. Emerson's expertise in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and sustainability-enhancing products and software provide the right actionable insights for optimized energy management.