Process Control

Eliminate Pneumatic Valve Emissions in Your Upstream Oil and Gas Applications

Emerson has developed a groundbreaking solution for addressing challenges in upstream oil and gas applications related to pneumatic valve emissions.

Whether it’s raw water, feed water, condenser water, or even cooling tower water, operators and technicians need top tier flow data. There are plenty of challenges that power generation professionals face when trying to obtain operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Choosing the right flow meter for your flow application shouldn’t be one of those challenges!

Flow Meters for the Power Generation Industry

As any plant manager, engineer, or shutdown turnaround coordinator is aware, flow data is only as good as the flow meter that provides it. When accuracy and repeatability are critical, McCrometer’s flow meters deliver top tier data.

Flow Meters for Clean Process Fluid Applications

Macnaught manufactures highly accurate, robust industrial grade flow meters for clean process fluid applications.

Smart IO-Link Sensors and Switches for Smart Factories

WIKA’s family of robust products with IO-Link – pressure, temperature, and flow sensors – enable the remote monitoring and process control of intelligent machines in smart factories.

Submitted by Alina Green || WIKA
How Hydrogen-Ready Is Your Company?

Despite the barriers that stand between the United States and a mature hydrogen economy, the path is slowly becoming clearer. This 17-question test will reveal where your company is on this journey.

Measurement Technologies for a Hydrogen Economy

Permeation and embrittlement are issues that stand in the way of realizing a viable and mature hydrogen infrastructure. For pressure and temperature sensors, using materials that protect against these conditions is key to safety and profitability in the chemical industry.

Energy Expenditure as a Factor in Hydrogen Transport and Storage

Hydrogen is key to decarbonization – in the chemical industry as well as for developed nations. However, while it is relatively easy and cheap to produce, pure H2 is notoriously difficult to transport and store. Most methods require high operational and/or energy costs.

The Danger of Hydrogen Leaks and How to Minimize the Risk

Leaks are a pernicious issue in natural gas pipelines. As hydrogen can escape even more easily than methane through the tiniest holes, cracks, and weld seams, the transport and eventual storage of this gas is one of the major barriers to wider adoption of this gas as a fuel and feedstock. Hydrogen permeation and embrittlement only exacerbate the problem.

Submitted by Peter Jessee and Dave Fahlgren || Valin Corporation
Positioner Selection: Knowing what You Need

Selecting the proper positioner is critical. The wrong decision can lead to unnecessary costs on one end of the spectrum and the need for a replacement on the other.