Process Control

Submitted by Ashley Raimondi || Valin Corporation
Parker Veriflo FR/FRN1000 Series UHP Single Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator

There is a considerable amount of thought that goes into specifying a regulator, and it has everything to do with application. Read the blog below to learn the key factors that you need to consider before buying.

Submitted by Dave Molinari || Valin Corporation
Addressing Rainwater Quality: The Critical Role of the First 1/10th Inch

It's crucial to capture as much rainwater as possible for future use in groundwater basins. However, during storm events, the existing wastewater system can become overwhelmed. The influx of freshwater from a storm event can disrupt the wastewater treatment process, leading to an imbalance in the system.

Submitted by McCrometer
How To Cost-Effectively Increase Pumping Station Capacity

Across the U.S., booster stations and pumping stations are feeling the strain of both age and increased demand. As pumping stations edge near full capacity, financial or real estate constraints can make it difficult to expand or retrofit them.

Eliminate Pneumatic Valve Emissions in Your Upstream Oil and Gas Applications

Emerson has developed a groundbreaking solution for addressing challenges in upstream oil and gas applications related to pneumatic valve emissions.

Whether it’s raw water, feed water, condenser water, or even cooling tower water, operators and technicians need top tier flow data. There are plenty of challenges that power generation professionals face when trying to obtain operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Choosing the right flow meter for your flow application shouldn’t be one of those challenges!

Flow Meters for the Power Generation Industry

As any plant manager, engineer, or shutdown turnaround coordinator is aware, flow data is only as good as the flow meter that provides it. When accuracy and repeatability are critical, McCrometer’s flow meters deliver top tier data.

Flow Meters for Clean Process Fluid Applications

Macnaught manufactures highly accurate, robust industrial grade flow meters for clean process fluid applications.

Smart IO-Link Sensors and Switches for Smart Factories

WIKA’s family of robust products with IO-Link – pressure, temperature, and flow sensors – enable the remote monitoring and process control of intelligent machines in smart factories.

Submitted by Alina Green || WIKA
How Hydrogen-Ready Is Your Company?

Despite the barriers that stand between the United States and a mature hydrogen economy, the path is slowly becoming clearer. This 17-question test will reveal where your company is on this journey.

Measurement Technologies for a Hydrogen Economy

Permeation and embrittlement are issues that stand in the way of realizing a viable and mature hydrogen infrastructure. For pressure and temperature sensors, using materials that protect against these conditions is key to safety and profitability in the chemical industry.