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Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 Series Variable Frequency Drives for HVAC Applications

FR-F800 is a dedicated energy-saving VFD, optimized for the control of pumps, fans or compressors in HVAC applications. Available for use as a stand-alone drive or as part of a PowerGate Bypass Controller solution.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-D700 Series for Fan and Pump Control

FR-D700 is the ideal workhorse drive for small pump and fan control in HVAC applications. Thanks to its integrated component design, FR-D700 is extremely compact and has an enviable reputation for durability and maintenance free operation in punishing environments.

Omron 1SA Series Servos with Functional Safety

Omron's new 1SA Series Servos with functional safety let you reduce machine stoppage, avoid machine-product interference during unexpected shutdowns.

Productivity Enhancement Settings for Sysmac Studio

Valin’s Engineers, most with more than 20 years Omron experience, suggest the settings below to make Sysmac Studio easier to use and more productive. Customers may choose to try other option settings to enhance their experience with Sysmac Studio.

Productivity Enhancement Setting for CX-Programmer

Valin's engineers, most with more than 20 years of experience working with Omron products, suggest the settings below to make CX-Programmer easier to use and more productive. Customers may choose to try other option settings to enhance their experience with CX-Programmer, but these options will help you get started.

Intuition-9™ Water Treatment Controllers from Walchem

Intuition-9™ Water Treatment Controllers have unparalleled versatility and powerful programming for complete control of chem­ical metering pumps and valves in a broad range of water treatment applications.

IXA-4NHN Ultra Large SCARA Robot from IAI

Introducing a new high-speed, high-payload SCARA robot with an arm length of 1,200mm -- the IXA-4NHN from Intelligent Actuator.

Omron FQ2 Smart Camera

The FQ2 vision sensor family is set to redefine the vision sensor market, providing advanced inspection, code reading and verification only previously available in higher end vision systems.

Omron FH-SMD 3D Robot Vision System

Omron's FH-3D’s vision sensor is specialized for 3D bin picking applications that involve sorting randomly stacked parts that arrive in bins.

Leak Detection Solution for Cryptocurrency Mines

A cryptocurrency mine is a mission-critical environment and the threat of water-cooling leaks is real. The TTK solution is ideal for cryptocurrency mines because the microcontroller embedded digital sensing cables.