We needed to pull all kinds of production data from a diverse array of control products throughout our manufacturing facility. The application engineers at Valin® showed us how easy it was to use Serial to Ethernet products to pull real-time data from our manufacturing processes. We are now able to make solid business decisions based on having all of the right production data at our fingertips.

Valin® helped us redesign our motion control system, significantly reducing the number of different motor & cable part numbers. This reduced our overall system cost and greatly simplified maintenance for our customers.

When we needed to upgrade our Omron controller, Valin® saved the day. We had the hardware ready to go, but had not upgraded our software yet, which put us in a bind. One of the Valin® senior application engineers came to our site right away and got us up and running with a 30-day version of the software. He helped us all day and even stayed after hours to make sure my laptop was working properly. Valin® had an excellent team, and I highly recommend them to other companies.

When we needed technical assistance and applications support, Valin® was there for us. Their knowledgeable engineers saved us an invaluable amount of time, helping us get up and running quickly. We are very happy with their services.

Valin® filtration experts helped us identify areas within our plant that were operating inefficiently. They showed us how to increase our filtration efficiency while decreasing our servicing costs. After we implemented Valin®’s recommendations we noticed an immediate cost savings within our maintenance budget. Valin® is always very attentive and helpful and we appreciate the local support.

We design and build specialized equipment for the medical industry. The performance of our equipment is critical to the customer's end product. Valin® has been a great resource in the development of our control system. Their skills with the Omron control platform have been a real asset in cutting our time to market.

Valin® helped us solve an ongoing problem we were having with our caustic addition valves. Caustic materials were crystallizing on the valve stem of several of a competitors Globe control valves. The crystallized caustic being very abrasive, led to packing failure, excessive leaking of the caustic media on to other pieces of equipment and unscheduled shutdowns. Valin®’s technical team came on site and diagnosed the problem quickly offering us a permanent solution. We no longer have to replace our caustic control valves every 6 -8 months and after 3 years we have no caustic leakage issues at all. Valin®’s technical expertise and understanding of our process saved us time, money and frustration.

Valin® Corporation has been a proven partner for sanitary fluid process components. Valin® is very responsive with on-time delivery, minimizing inventory needs and keeping our production lines up and running smoothly.

The service from Valin® has always been excellent. They provide outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

Valin upgraded an HMI screen and specified Bosch Rexroth aluminum framing on one of our new systems, to improve the product and reduce costs. They also helped us specify the best motor for one of our larger customers. We are very happy with their service.

The Service from Valin has Always Been Excellent

Valin provides outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

Valin is Your Business Partner
At Valin we strive to be the people you call first, the people you trust and have confidence in, the people you want as your business partner.  We work toward this goal every day.  Valin’s promise is to help you achieve your goals.  We do this by listening to your pain-points and then customizing a solution to fit your unique needs.  We act as an extension of your team and help your company be more efficient and more profitable.