Introducing the Cost-Effective SCARA Robot Pulse Motor IXP

Submitted by IAI
on Mon, 01/26/2015
IAI's new IXP Series Robots cost around 1/2 of that of a conventional model due to the adoption of the pulse motors. The IXP achieves a payload equivalent to that of a conventional model by adopting high-output drivers. All IXP models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders. Since battery replacement is no longer necessary, maintenance man-hours are reduced.

Advantages of Battery-less Absolute Encoders
  • The machine will not stop due to battery errors (low voltage, etc.)
  • No cost of battery replacement
  • No need for absolute reset or other physical tasks associated with battery replacement
Lighter than a Conventional Model

IAI SCARA Robot Pulse Motor Type IXP Series
This robot weighs approximately 30% less than standard models. The lightweight robot can be easily assembled into your equipment.

Added 3-axis Specification and 4-axis* Gripper Specification

The 3-axis specification has no rotational axis for greater allowable inertial load moment. It can be combined with a dedicated gripper to constitute a transfer robot with ease.

* The gripper type has four axes including three SCARA robot axes and one gripper axis.

PowerCON SCARA Robot Program Controller MSEL with High-output Driver (PowerCON)

Accommodates significantly more programs and Positions

The greater storage capacity accommodates significantly more programs and positions.

Smaller size

Having a size of 130mm in width x 195mm in height, the MSEL is significantly smaller than a conventional controller and saves space in your control panel. The MSEL can be installed with screws or using a DIN rail.

Safety category compliant

By building an appropriate external circuit, the MSEL meets the safety circuit requirements of any of
Safety Categories 1 to 3.

Supports Diverse I/O Interfaces

Standard PIOs (IN: 16 points, OUT: 16 points) and one expansion I/O slot are available. For the expansion I/O slot, PIOs (IN: 16 points, OUT: 16 points) or field network (CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP or EtherNet/IP) can be selected.

SCARA IXP Series Catalog

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