The Next Generation Process Measurement System

Submitted by Prozess Technologie

Process Measurement Made Simple

The best measurement technology in the world for real-time manufacturing is now accessible, affordable and easy to use.

The Reveal™ optical spectroscopy-based measurement system will help customers increase quality, yield, and productivity while reducing both risk and downtime in the manufacturing environment.  Its measurement capabilities are unmatched by legacy techniques.  Better, faster, and the key piece in providing continuous process, closed-loop control make it ultimately much less expensive than other approaches. In the past, this technology, due to its price and complexity, was reserved for only the toughest and most complex applications. Now, it is available to many manufacturers in a variety of industries.

The use of light as an analytical tool affords a number of distinct advantages over alternate methods like off-line laboratory sampling or traditional chromatographic analyzers. Because light is non-intrusive to the process, it can be installed in-line without touching or influencing the process stream. The measurements can also be performed incredibly fast, typically in millisecond time scales, to allow real-time characterization of quickly changing sample streams. Furthermore, light-based systems are inherently more robust and accurate than conventional methods, as the measurements can be made directly on the sample, without variable sample processing or needing human intervention. Light allows measurements that are direct, fast, accurate, and automated—all hallmark needs for process measurement technologies.
  • Measurements and results in milliseconds for real-time decision making
  • Direct, non-intrusive interrogation at the molecular level
  • Significantly reduced capital and operational expenses versus alternate solutions
  • Spectroscopy and chemometrics combined into a simple solution
  • A suite of standard communications for ready integration

The World's Best Real-Time Production Control

Light-based measurement is, quite simply, the fastest, most convenient, most versatile and accurate technique… before now price and complexity kept it beyond reach.

Prozess Technologie has harnessed this technique over years of solution development to make it accessible to everyone.

1000's of Applications

Moisture content, color, chemical content, cleaning validation, reaction monitoring, and blend uniformity are just a few examples, and the list is growing quickly.

Our real-time measurement and control solutions can be applied to a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes to increase quality, yield, and productivity while reducing both risk and downtime. While we have a portfolio of specified applications, our team of scientists and process experts work with clients every day on new, custom applications.

An Extensible Platform

Your fully custom solution is ready in weeks, not years!

Light:  Ultraviolet through infrared, even fluorescence, we maximize the contrast between what you care about measuring and what you don’t.

Interface:  The installation and the application determine which process interface will yield the most clear measurement information and the most straightforward integration into the process.

Chassis: From lightweight and portable to hazardous area cabinets, we package the system to withstand the environment it will face.

Science: Want a plug-and-play system with the science built in? Or prefer an extensive programming suite with full control over the system and the science? We have an option for either scenario.

Communications: Analog or digital, wired or wireless, a suite of standard and optional communication modes are available to optimize the integration into the process environment.

Key Features:
  • Science is built-in
  • Cost effective
  • Compact size
  • Robust communications
  • Variety of sample interfaces

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