Panel Builder Products Extended to Wiring Terminals

Submitted on Mon, 07/11/2016
An extensive range of Panel Builder products feature time-saving, Push-In Plus terminals and reduced mounting depth and volume to fit smaller control panels.

Tool-Free Installation Saves Labor and Time

Push-In Plus terminals give your panel builder customers an advantage in delivering projects faster at a lower cost compared to panels with screw terminal components.  In Omron's side by side installation tests, Push-In Plus terminal components reduced wiring time by 60 percent. Both hands are free, allowing one hand to insert the wire and the other to hold on for leverage. Need to keep a screwdriver handy for other tasks? Park the screwdriver in an empty Push-In Plus terminal hole.

Firmer Wire Holding Ability

Push-In Plus terminals withstand stronger pull-out force than screw terminals, providing reliable clamping even in high vibration environments. Compare pull-out force of 125 N for Push-In Plus terminals to 112 N force for screw terminals.

Expanded Range of Product Families Feature Push-In Plus Terminals

Omron solidified its commitment to helping panel builders stay profitable in these highly competitive times by releasing a full portfolio of components with Push-In Plus terminals. Many of these products have reduced mounting depth and volume to fit designs for thinner, smaller control cabinets compared to Omron's existing models.
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