Electric Heaters for Natural Gas Compressor Stations

Submitted by Jon Cloy || Valin Corporation
on Thu, 07/16/2020
Repair vs Replacement

Reducing the amount of hydrocarbon leakage from compressor stations is not only imperative for the environment, but for your bottom line.  Leaks from these stations are monitored, and fines are levied for excess emissions. 

Compressor-related emissions can be reduced by using electric heaters to heat the pressurized natural gas.  However, if the electric heater fails, the volume of gas leaking from the seals will increase. 

Electric Process Heaters

For facilities powered with gas turbines, lube oil heaters are used to maintain the viscosity of the gas. Maintaining the gas temperature is important as it effects the performance efficiency of the gas turbines.  If the lube oil heaters fail, restarting the gas turbine is not possible, as viscosity must be controlled through temperature during startup.

It is common for compressor stations to simply order replacement heaters and accept the expense and the long delivery times. Alternatively, repairing heaters is a much quicker and less expensive solution.

Valin offers heater repair services on any brand electric heater and we offer full warranties.  Our turnaround time on average is (7) days.

For customers that utilize Valin repair services, we also offer full access to real time stocking information of our fully warranted electric heaters.  Customers receive a username and password and are given access to Valin inventory.  Pipeline operators realize significant value in lower cost and shorter-term delivery of replacement heaters. 

Talk to one of our process heating experts today at (855) 737-4718, or fill out our online form to learn more.
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