iPolymer High Purity PTFE Pressure Regulator

Submitted by iPolymer
The iPolymer PTFE Pressure Regulator is designed for use with high purity water systems and aggressive chemical applications to regulate and maintain a constant pressure downstream of the valve and prevent over-pressurization of sensitive equipment.

Designed with a 100% PTFE wetted flow path, the PTFE Pressure Regulator is ideal for DI Water Systems and corrosive media found in solar, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical process applications.

The double diaphragm design is capable of managing potential turbulent flow from upstream pressure sources. By means of controlled orifices and compliance chambers, the higher pressure inlet turbulence flow is calmed to a smooth lower pressure outlet flow. The use of PTFE and TFM ensure maximum heat resistance and chemical inertness. These engineered polymers envelop the wetted flow path for both high purity and chemical resistance. The external spring housing, which is PVDF, can accomodate a wide range of media and environmental temperatures.

The two distinct pressure ranges, HI & LO, of the PTFE Pressure Regulator, combined with the double diaphragm, results in an exceptionally quiet running regulator. Unlike conventional regulators which tend to vibrate and operate at a noisy 80 to 85 dB at their extremes, the iPolymer PTFE Pressure Regulator operates at a quiet less-than-75 dB throughout its performance range.

iPolymer offers this PTFE Pressure Regulator in FNPT Pipe, Compression Tube, and Flare ported configurations with sizes ranging from 1/8" to 3/8". All configurations are fitted for panel mounting with an easy-to-grip adjustment knob. Custom port configurations and sizes along with base Flange Mounting options are available upon request.

These pressure regulators are excellent for use within wet benches and extreme pH applications such as: Chemical Synthesizer, Biomolecular Interaction Analyzer, Fermentation Process Bench, Electrophoresis Analyzer, Acid Parts Cleaning, Chemical Delivery, Chemical Neutralization, DI Water Rinse, Phosphoric Acid Nitride Removal, Potassium Hydroxide Etching, Sulfuric Peroxide Stripping, and Wafer Etching.

For further information on the PTFE Pressure Regulator contact Valin at (800) 774-5630, or fill out our online form.

Download IPS PTFE Pressure Regulator Data Sheet


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