Endura TxZ Remote Gas Box Pneumatic EV Manifold Replacement

Semiconductor fabs can now replace their obsolete pneumatic EV manifolds with Valin's tool qualified manifolds. These field proven manifolds are a drop-in replacement that is a perfect solution for obsolete TxZ remote gas box pneumatic EV manifold 0190-43610 on your aging fleet of Endura process tools. The AC-150-2473 pneumatic EV manifold comes as a complete kit for ease of installation. Fabs can reduce wafer scrap, eliminate air leaks and improve wafer yield with these new pneumatic EV manifold replacements.

We're so confident that this manifold will improve your wafer yield that we will send you a product to evaluate at no charge for 60 days.

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I would highly recommend the Valin Pneumatic EV Manifold Retrofit Kits.  Since upgrading to Valin’s manifold solution, our leak problem has all but been eliminated. However, what I think separates this solution from any other that may be on the market is the ease of installation. I was dreading the frustration that would come along with upgrading our manifolds. But with Valin’s solution, it couldn’t have been easier. Although Valin’s experts were so knowledgeable and could walk us through any questions we had, the instructions were so incredibly easy to follow, we didn’t need much guidance. I would recommend this solution to anyone who has leak issues, frequent coil failures, sourcing coils with their pneumatic EV manifolds or would like to avoid them in the future.”

Semi Fab Equipment Engineer

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Endura TxZ Remote Gas Box Pneumatic EV Manifold Replacement for 0190-43610 - Upgrade Benefits:

  • Replace entire Manifold in minutes
  • Current Manifold difficult to source
  • Replace individual valves in less than 5 minutes
  • Reduce Tool Downtime
  • Eliminate CDA leaks
  • Improve performance with larger Cv (.3) and higher flowrate (250 -300 l/min) for faster valve actuation
  • Reduce potential of wafer scrap due to leakage
  • Valves rated to 150 Million Cycles
  • The power consumption of each coil is 0.55w and a switching time of 8 ms
  • Drop in place solution (no holes to tap)
  • Includes ported exhaust
  • Units tested and fab approved

Note: Full set of installation instructions printed on cleanroom paper included in kit (written by equipment engineers).

Clean, Simple Design

Endura TxZ Remote Gas Box Pneumatic Manifold Replacement

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Spare Valves & Accessories for Endura TxZ Remote Gas Box Pneumatic EV Manifold

2x3/2-Directional Valve, Series AV03 - Part Number AC-5VLV-0007

AVENTICS™ 2x3/2-directional valve, Series AV03, 4-wire, with spring return, NC, 24 VDC. Shop Now

Legris Mini Ball Valve – Part Number VLN-0549

Legris Mini Ball Valve
This Parker Legris 2-way ball valve is used as a shut-off for the Compressed Dry Air (CDA) supplied into the Pneumatic EV Manifolds used on the legacy SEMIFAB tools. For customers who are using traditional hemostats to pinch off the incoming supply line which isn’t easy to do in the confined spaces, these 2-way shut-off ball valves are the best solution. These ball valves don’t require any mounting and they can be connected inline to the supply CDA tubing. Shop Now

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