AVENTICS™ CCL-IS CleanLine Pneumatic Cylinders ISO 15552

Aventics CCL-IS CleanLine Pneumatic Cylinders ISO 15552
AVENTICS™ series CCL-IS CleanLine air cylinders meet ISO 15552 standards and feature a cleaner profile design than competitor’s cylinders. The design minimizes potential pocket areas where dirt and contaminates can collect, making them ideal for dust-off or light wash-down applications such as secondary packaging or handling applications. Series CCL-IS cylinders also feature the Ideal Cushioning design allowing increased productivity and reduced maintenance.

AVENTICS™ CCL-IS CleanLine Pneumatic Cylinder Features

  • In accordance with ISO 15552
  • ATEX / heat resistant optional
  • Double Acting / Through Piston Rod hygienic design available
  • Ø25 – 125 mm bore sizes
  • Maximum Stroke = 2750 mm (double acting); 1500 mm (through piston rod)
  • Materials: End Covers – Anodized Aluminum; Tube – Anodized Aluminum; Piston Rod – Stainless Steel; Tie Rods – Stainless Steel; Scraper – Polyester; Lubricant – ISO 21469 (NSF-H1)
  • Ideal Cushioning Standard
  • Temperature Range: -4 - +176°F (-20 - +80°C)
  • Operating Pressure: 1.5 – 10 bar
  • Magnetic Piston: Standard

Download AVENTICS™ CCL-IS CleanLine Pneumatic Cylinders Catalog

AVENTICS™ CCL-IS CleanLine Pneumatic Cylinder Accessories

  • Trunnion Mountings
  • Foot Mountings
  • Rod Clevises
  • Ball Eye Rod Ends
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Guide Units

Download AVENTICS™ Trunnion Mountings Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Foot Mountings Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Rod Clevises Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Ball Eye Rod Ends Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Flexible Couplings Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Guide Units Datasheet

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