AC15 Series Industrial Drives from Parker

AC15 Series Industrial Drives from Parker
Designed as a successor to the popular AC10 series of low-cost AC Inverter drives, the AC15 maintains the AC10’s high IO count and reliability, adding a host of new features to create even more customer value.

The full range is available now, covering induction and PMAC motor open-loop applications from 0.5 to 40 HP in both 230V and 480V versions. Navigate and operate the drive via the simple menu structure and see real time diagnostic feedback through the built-in, backlit, easy-to-use keypad. Support for the popular 6901 remote keypad is included. Flexibility is delivered through the fully configurable internal block diagram and updated DSELite software tool via the ethernet port.

AC15 Series Industrial Drives Features:

  • Safe Torque Off
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Built-in Motor Thermistor Input
  • Built-in Ethernet Communications
    • Ethernet/IP (Frames 2 and larger)
    • Modbus TCP/IP

AC15 Series Industrial Drives Specifications:

AC15 Series Industrial Drives from Parker


Download Parker AC15 Variable Speed Drive Catalog

Parker Drive System Explorer (DSELite)

Parker drive configuration software Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite is an easy-to-use drive configuration software package, designed to make programming your application as simple as possible without compromising on functionality. DSELite has been updated for the AC15 and AC20. It uses a standard Ethernet connection between the PC and drive, so no special cable is required!

Features of the AC15/AC20 include:
  • High speed Ethernet connectivity
  • Network scan feature
  • Drive network identification
  • Firmware installs over Ethernet
  • Save a project to onboard Flash memory
  • Power ‘on the bench’ for programming

DSELite is available free of charge to download from

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