End-Of-Arm Tooling Components from Vaccon

End-Of-Arm Tooling Components from Vaccon
Vaccon’s modular End-of-Arm Tooling components offer everything you need to create a complete “wrist-down” EOAT for your material handling operations.

The EOAT innovative component design is modular, lightweight, compact, and easy-to-connect. Using EOAT, you can integrate vacuum pumps, vacuum cups, spring levelers, fittings, and manifolds using simple erector-set connectivity in minimum design time.

EOAT Components or Complete EOAT Solutions

You can order EOAT products separately and build your own tooling, or purchase a complete pre-built EOAT solution—fully configured, plumbed, and tested. EOAT solutions ship assembled using one robot-to-EOAT connection for easy, out-of-the-box installation.

Vaccon Designed, Built, and Tested

Vaccon engineers have years of material handling experience, in every industry from soap to electronics. We have a proven record of identifying customer needs, developing and testing End-of-Arm tools, and delivering projects on time and within budget. Take advantage of our extensive vacuum knowledge to select the proper vacuum pump/cup combination and design your tool. Vaccon will build your tool and test it using your product at our in-house Tech Center, usually within the same day.

End-Of-Arm Tooling Components from Vaccon Features

  • T-Slot fraction or metric compatible components – Attaches to customer supplied framework
  • Minimal design time – pre-designed modular components, streamlined systems
  • Easy set-up and fast installation – order out of the box complete or assemble on site
  • Lightweight components – faster speeds with less stress on robot for longer life cycle
  • Cost effective – integrates with existing plant equipment for quick tool changes, minimal downtime
  • Flexible manufacturing/automation – optional accessories and adjustability
  • Increased efficiency – large selection of venturi pumps to maximize productivity
  • Built-in sensors – part-present signal and vacuum level

Download End-of-Arm Tooling Components from Vaccon Datasheet

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