AVENTICS™ G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform

Aventics G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform
In today's highly automated machines, the AVENTICS Series G3 electronic fieldbus valve system is replacing conventional hardwired solutions. It integrates communication interfaces to pneumatic valve valve system with input/output (I/O) capabilities. This next-generation electronic platform permits easy access to connections; it's simple to assemble, install, commission, and maintain. The G3's functionality allows programmable logic controllers to more efficiently turn valves on and off, and to channel I/O data from sensors, lights, relays, individual valves, or other I/O devices via various industrial networks. The G3 is the only pneumatic valve manifold that contains a graphical display used for configuration, commissioning, and diagnostics. It offers improvements in application, performance, and maintenance for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users alike.

AVENTICS™ G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform Specifications

  • Standards / Regulations: ATEX Zone 2-22, CSA, UL
  • Operating Environment: Indoor, Outdoor

AVENTICS™ G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform Features

  • Innovative graphic display enables easy commissioning, visual status, and diagnostics
  • Highly flexible, distributable architecture scales up with your system's requirements
  • Auto recovery module (ARM) protects configuration data during critical failure while the Wireless ARM allows access to vital valve system diagnostics and health monitoring via WiFi connection
  • Power connector allows output power to be removed while inputs and communication are left active
  • Networks with DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Profinet, and Powerlink fieldbus protocols

Download AVENTICS™ Series 500 Valve Systems and G3 and 580 Electronics Brochure

Download AVENTICS™ G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform Catalog

Technical Manuals

Download Aventics G3 Series DeviceNet™ Technical Manual

Download Aventics G3 Series EtherCAT Technical Manual

Download Numatics G3 Series EtherNet/IP Technical Manual

Download Aventics G3 Series EtherNet/IP DLR Technical Manual

Download Aventics G3 Series Wireless Auto Recovery Module Quick Start Manual

Download Aventics G3 Series PROFIBUS DP-V0 DP-V1 Technical Manual

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