Edge Roller Technology (ERT) 150 Conveyor from Dorner

ERT 150 Pallet Conveyor
ERT 150 Pallet Conveyor
ERT 150 Pallet Conveyor

Edge Roller Technology (ERT) 150 Conveyor Benefits:

Industry Ready
  • Reliable and adaptable edge roller platform for the conveyance of medical and cleanroom-based product assembly
  • Versatile and durable low back pressure platform for the conveyance of appliance, electronics, automotive and consumer goods product assembly
  • Open drive roller design with aluminum frames
  • ISO Class 4 verified for cleanroom applications

Simple & Effective Design
  • Non-contact zoning and/or slip roller accumulation capability
  • Patent pending linear gearbox technology
  • Designed for configuration and modifications in the field
  • Variety of automation modules for product traffic control

Safe & Efficient
  • Non-jamming; open drive rollers reduce pinch points
  • Low-voltage motors are designed to reduce power consumption

Edge Roller Technology (ERT) 150 Conveyor Features:

Zone & Slip Roller Technology
  • Non-contact zone control provides simplified traffic control, eliminating pallet stops and costly pneumatic valves
  • Low back pressure slip rollers can be used for full length with conventional pneumatic pallet stops
  • Individual rollers can be replaced if damaged without affecting the remaining portion of the conveyor
  • No belts, reducing product contact and debris
Easily Reconfigurable
  • Gears and drive shaft can be repositioned in the field
  • Lower gears can be removed and gearmotor added to create new zones
  • The drive shaft can be moved to any roller zone
Patent Pending Gearbox Drive Design
  • Durable, patent pending linear gearbox design provides a robust and flexible method of driven rollers
  • Brushless DC gearmotors and controllers
  • Reversible motors for assembly automation
  • 50 watt, 3.0 amp, low voltage brushless DC motors are used to save space and provide improved efficiency
  • All motor controllers are Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP or PROFINET for ease of control logic, wiring and communication

Edge Roller Technology (ERT) 150 Conveyor Specifications:

Sizes & Measurements:
  • Width from 80 mm to 480 mm
  • Lengths from 128 mm to 2432 mm (in 64 mm increments)
  • 24 mm diameter rollers on 32 mm centers
Loads & Speeds:
  • Loads: up to 16 kg (35 lbs) per pallet or tray
  • Speeds: up to 37 m/min (121 ft/min)
Slip & Driven Rollers
  • Driven Roller
  • Slip Roller
  • 60 mm to 320 mm pallets
  • Static conductive HPDE skirt
  • Proximity sensor pick-up on side and bottom
  • Dimensionally compatible with industry standards


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